promo code is a VoIP phone service designed to assist small and growing business organizations. It is easy to scale from a single phone line and perform basic to advanced operations. It is excellent for international calls with CRM systems. The small business organizations and individuals can take the benefits of different plans and buy these plans with the help of promo code. You can get the best plans with handset for a small office to traditional office setup. The service requires special phones of particular brands like Cisco, Panasonic, Aastra and Polycom. If you have regular non-digital phones, you can use them with the help of an ATA adapter.

The iOS and mobile devices can also be used because the apps are available for mobiles. The desktop phones can be operated with the help of software and there is no need to worry about any hardware setup. The mobile apps are absolutely free, but you can use promo code to buy software. The cost of the software per month is almost $5.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan is really flexible because you can add or subtract features according to your needs. The plans are unique and you can get unlimited minutes for each month after paying a flat rate. Each plan offers a single phone number with lots of extensions. If you want any additional phone number, you may need to pay $5 on a monthly basis. Some famous plans are:

  • $10 / month + 3.9 cents / minute.
  • $10 / month + $24 / user / month for unlimited minutes. priceInternational Calling

The is an excellent choice for international calls. It offers unlimited plans, and you can make free outgoing calls to Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, and Puerto Rico. The unlimited plan can be obtained with the help of promo code. Without any plan, you can call at the standard rate of the United States. The call rate per unit is really low for other countries as compared to its competitors. The rates may range between 4 cents to about 30 cents. If you are doing business with other countries, then you may need to get a number and its charges will be $5 per month.

Reliable Services

The offers reliable services to make an optimum quality of calls. There is no chance of call drop and any other technical issue. In case of any problem, you can contact a customer service provider of

Convenience of Use

The is easy to buy with promo code, and quite convenient to set up because you can make an online account. There is no need to have the special equipment because the online platform will guide you and save your time. You will find different menus on the online platform to set up your account.

The users may find it really convenient to use because of login facility and extensions. They can get the facility of faxes, personal voice mail box, and other settings. You can get the benefits of lots of in-call features, such as call transfer, call on hold, and call recording and other facilities. You can get all these benefits by clicking a few buttons.

You can get an email, phone, chat and SMS support because the technical staff always remains present to tell you about technical faults and availability of promo code. You will get complete user guides to set up your system. In short, the is excellent for small business organizations with lots of potential to grow. It’s cheap call rates and excellent customer support make it stand out among the crowd.

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