Pingo coupon code

Get Rid of All Expensive Call Services with Pingo Coupon Code. It is time to say goodbye to all expensive call international and domestic call services because the Pingo offers a better way to call. It is an excellent pre-paid calling card service to make international and national calls without any compromise on quality and convenience. The pingo coupon code is also available to enjoy a good amount of discount on all services. There is no need to worry about fees or hidden charges because the services of Pingo are free of any additional charges. The Pingo is providing high quality pre-paid calling services since 2004 to its numerous users. These iBasis services are one of the best services throughout the world. All major phone companies like Verizon have full confidence on the services and network of Pingo.

Popular Calling Card Destinations. The pingo coupon code is a great initiative to increase the convenience of customers. It is a leading provider of prepaid international and domestic long distance call services. The competitive rates are available on the phone cards in China, India and various other parts of the world. The Pingo enables you to make cheap calls without any compromise on the voice quality by offer cheap calling cards. They offer an excellent customer service so that you can get their help at any time. After making a call with Pingo, you will be able to notice the difference between the qualities of calls with another company. The prepaid calling cards of the Pingo are the cheapest calling cards and after using these cards once, you will forget about all other cards and services.

pingo offer 1You can use pingo coupon code to access an instant calling card from their website. Now there is no need to buy expensive calling cards with low voice quality because the Pingo offers high-quality services at cheap rates. If you are looking to make an international phone call, just try the calling cards of Pingo and you will be its regular user.

It is Easy to Use Pingo. It is really simple to use pingo from any state and continent of the world. Just signed up to create an account and dial the local or toll-free access number of your country. You will get a PINpass to register your phone or mobile just for once.

Steps to Make a Call

  • Register your account and dial the local or toll-free access number.
  • You will get a voice prompt to enter your account number and the PIN. This step will be skipped by those who are using PINpass.
  • If you are making calls from the United States, you need to dial 011 + country code + the number you want to dial and press #. You can take the benefits of Pingo speed dial to shortlist important numbers.
  • If you want to make another call, just wait for two seconds instead of hang up. You can dial the new numbers as the other party hangs up. You can save money with pingo coupon code.

pingo offer 2Top Reasons to Choose Pingo

  • The Pingo is an iBasis leading service of the world to make international calls. You can enjoy superior quality calls with the help of prepaid services by Pingo.
  • There is no need to worry about unused balance because it will be carried forward.
  • No hidden charges are involved, and you can make international calls at cheaper rates with pingo coupon code.
  • You can earn a reward of $5 by referring a friend or family member to Pingo.
  • Trouble-free Pin-Less dialing with online account management and mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.
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