Pingo Diamond Plan Coupon Code

Pingo provides an opportunity to stay in contact with your loved ones using its calling cards, prepaid phone cards, online cards, telephone and other cards. To provide further facilitation to its customers, it has introduced various calling plans. These plans include Pingo premium, platinum, mega and diamond calling plans. All of these are designed specifically for targeted groups. Whether you want occasional calling facility or day to day calling service, these plans cover every aspect of your needs.

According to Pingo diamond plan review, Pingo diamond plan introduces quite lower calling rates. It is a perfect choice for frequent callers who want lasting relationship with their friends and family in abroad. With its lower calling rates, it allows you to contact your loved ones anytime without any additional charges and bothersome procedures. All other features of Pingo are same for this plan as well. This plan has a set duration of validity. This plan can be used only with USD (United-States-Dollar) as billing currency. Non US currency is not acceptable for this plan. All payments for enrollment fees, call usage and recharge are made in the selected currency. This is done when initial setup is made at the time of sign up or when renewal is made at the end of plan duration.

How to Use a Pingo Diamond Plan Coupon Code?

It is very easy to use a Pingo Diamond Plan Coupon Code. All you have to do is just to click the “Show Coupon” link to go to the registration page of Pingo.Com. After register an account, don’t forget to add credit into your account. If you add in more than $20, you’ll get the FREE $10 bonus in your account.

pingo coupon codeWhy to choose Pingo Diamond Plan?

As described by pingo diamond plan review, this plan has following distinctive features:

  • Online purchase
  • Quite low toll free surcharge
  • Very low monthly plan charges
  • Low purchase price for calling cards

With enrollment in Pingo diamond plan, you agree for the monthly plan. Pingo diamond plan review shows that deductions can only be made if there are sufficient funds in your account. After completion of this duration, you must renew your Pingo diamond calling plan. For renewing this plan, you must have funds available otherwise your current calling plan will be converted to Pingo Platinum calling plan. All the charges for Pingo platinum plan will be imposed. To prevent this situation and stay connected with your current calling plan, you must renew your calling plan. Rounding duration for call is 1 minute. Calling rates are constantly updated on the website of Pingo. These rates may change. But when a rate is changed, new rate is declared to make customers aware of current rates.

Plan validation period extends up to the duration set for Pingo Diamond calling plan. Validity period as notified by Pingo diamond plan review for this Diamond plan is 30 days. These days are counted from the respective enrollment date. In case you have selected some other plan and want to convert it into Pingo Diamond calling plan. This is possible if you notify within 24 hours but not after that period. This will require you to pay enrollment fees for this plan. The fees you have paid for the previous plan is not pro-rated and is not credited to the account. Recharging facility is also available. Online recharge saves your valuable time.

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