Pingo International Calling Service Coupon Code

According to review, Pingo International Calling Service is the leading provider of phone cards. These include international-prepaid phone cards, calling cards, long-distance calling cards, prepaid mobile phone cards, Philippine phone cards and long-distance phone cards. For making long distance calls, for example call to India, the cheapest option for you is to use Pingo International Calling Service. This online calling-card enables you to make calls to your loved ones at the cheapest rates and with better quality service. This calling card can be purchased online. It is not just a calling card but a card that is rechargeable. So you have no need to buy cards again and again. Pingo is an iBasis service. This network assures reliability and super quality for Pingo’s prepaid service.

For being a member of Pingo, a PayPal account or credit card and an email is required. You must provide the valid email account. review indicates that calling to another continent or state is not a matter of cost, Pingo International Calling Service is the simplest option. Once you are a member after authentication of your email account and credit card, you can easily sign up. Dial local or toll free access number of the respective country where you want to make a call and follow prompts. For further convenience, most often used phones can be registered with PIN pass, including the mobile phones. This facility prevents you from entering PIN and account number each time you make a call.

How to use a Pingo Internaitonal Calling Service Coupon Code?

It is very easy to use a Pingo International Calling Service Coupon Code. All you have to do is just to click the “Show Coupon” link to go to the registration page of Pingo.Com. After register an account, don’t forget to add credit into your account. If you add in more than $20, you’ll get the FREE $10 bonus in your account.

Why to choose Pingo International Calling Service?

pingo coupon Review provides reasons as why to use this superb company, these include:

  • Transferring security remaining balance
  • Assurance for call quality
  • Comparatively cheaper rates
  • Quite easy to use
  • Zero connection fee, no gimmicks and fine print
  • Quick PIN free dialing

An amazing fact about Pingo International Calling Service Coupon Code revealed by review is that it allows its customers to access more than 200 countries worldwide. Through a simple process, sign up and save more for your international calls. There is no specific phone requirement. With Pingo, any phone or carrier can be used to avail this calling service.  It also helps you make use of mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. As far as billing history is concerned, it allows you to check previous transactions. Through its Print-A-Card service, it provides you with the ease of keeping necessary info regarding Pingo with you.

Affiliate program of Pingo is also an opportunity for its customers to earn more and save more. By referring this company to your friend and making him/her sign up for its valuable services, you can earn a suitable amount. Analysis shows that affiliate program is quite successful because of satisfactory service provision; people prefer joining Pingo. Now, let us take a look at customer service. Clients who are facing any issue with their account can get assistance through a phone call or email. This requires filling a form online and sending it to the respective company. Customer service is found to be responsive and helpful. Join Pingo International Calling Service today and get unlimited benefits from the cheapest calling rates and quality service.

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