Pingo Platinum Plan Coupon Code

Pingo calling offer includes calling cards, phone cards, cell phone and prepaid phone cards, online phone calling cards and telephone cards.  According to pingo platinum plan review, for low cost international calls, the best option is to use a phone card or calling card. Discount calling cards by Pingo work for international calls. The suitable option for long distance cards is only Pingo calling cards. Pingo offers various calling plans for its customers. These calling plans are regarded as individual products that make international calling worthwhile. These plans include Pingo, Mega, Pingo Diamond, Pingo Premium and Pingo Platinum. Rebtel is another choice for cheap international calls. You can use a Rebtel voucher code to get the cheapest price.

How to use a Pingo Platinum Plan Coupon code?

It is very easy to use a Pingo Platinum Plan Coupon Code. All you have to do is just to click the “Show Coupon” link to go to the registration page of Pingo.Com. After register an account, don’t forget to add credit into your account. If you add in more than $20, you’ll get the FREE $10 bonus in your account.

Why to choose Pingo Platinum Plan?

Pingo Platinum is the most favorable calling plan. It offers competitive rates. As indicated by pingo platinum plan review, it is great for day to day callers who prefer staying in contact with their friends and family living in abroad. All other Pingo features are same for this plan. The most prominent feature is foreign-currency billing. Various dominating features of this calling plan include:

  • Very low calling plan fee for one month
  • Great period for plan validation
  • Toll free surcharge only $0.01 per-minute
  • Rounding lasts for only 1 minute

pingo 10 freeMonthly fee for this plan is quite low which makes it easier for its customers to stay connected with Pingo. This plan has benefits that no other plan supports. Plan validation period is the longest for this Platinum plan when compared with other calling plans offered by Pingo. This calling plan is of great importance as revealed by pingo platinum plan review. All existing customer accounts are to be converted from their current status to Pingo Platinum Plan. This conversion also applies to administration and its respective sub accounts.

Another important aspect is that it is the only plan that supports payment in non-United States Dollar currencies for example, CAD, GBP and EUR. Once a currency has been selected and enrolled with your account number for payment purpose, it cannot be changed late on. It can be changed by a new account opening with enrolment of a new currency and closure of existing account. By selecting Pingo Platinum Plan, you give your consent for deduction of monthly charges from your account. It is facilitated by the fact that all procedures are online so no need to bother office visits for payment purposes. Pingo platinum plan review indicates that after completion of plan duration, it is automatically renewed depending on availability of funds in your account. If there are sufficient funds to fulfill renewed payments, the plan will automatically renew the default option.

Auto renewed plans will long for the normal validation period for calling plans plus thirty days above.  In case of insufficient funds, plans are converted directly to Pingo Premium. To prevent from this, you must renew your monthly calling plan. Monthly charges are quite low and overall call quality is superb.  This plan is most suitable choice if you want to stay connected with your loved ones.

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