Pingo Premium Plan Coupon Code

Pingo provides convenient, low-cost and high-quality services to make international calls. Additional charges and taxes may apply but these are quite low and affordable for everyone. According to certain terms and condition, they have arranged their business model to satisfy customers’ needs who are in search of low-price but better quality international calling services. Pingo premium plan review shows that Pingo services require a valid email and PayPal account from its customers. After verification of these accounts, Pingo is activated. It is just a simple process and does not take much time. Calling is quite easy, just sign up and dial local or toll free access number. Follow prompts and get connected to your required number.

With Pingo, it is possible to register phones often used by you. Thus you have no need to enter PIN and account number every time you make a call. To provide further facilitation to its customers, Pingo has introduced various calling plans. These plans include Pingo premium plan, Pingo Diamond plan, Pingo classic plan and Pingo maximum. These plans have different specialties. Here we focus our attention to Pingo Premium Plan. According to Pingo premium plan review, it offers great rates which make it an ideal choice for occasional calling. For callers who want continuous contact with their friends and family living abroad, this premium plan is the perfect option. If you can’t use Pingo, you can try other good voip services from

How to use a Pingo Premium Plan Coupon code?

It is very easy to use a Pingo Premium Plan Coupon Code. All you have to do is just to click the “Show Coupon” link to go to the registration page of Pingo.Com. After register an account, don’t forget to add credit into your account. If you add in more than $20, you’ll get the FREE $10 bonus in your account.

pingo preminum

Why to choose Pingo premium Plan?

Premium plan has features typical to normal calling via Pingo calling cards. This premium plan has following advantages:

  • Zero monthly fees
  • Very low toll free surcharge
  • Rounding time of 1 minute

As revealed by Pingo premium plan review, it is different from other calling plans as it takes no monthly fees. Other plans are charged with monthly fees, although lower. Very low toll free surcharge allows you to get access easily. It is loaded with other features of Pingo. It has no connection fees, easy to use and valid. This Pingo plan can be availed with any carrier or phone. It is not restricted to specific handsets. It requires dialing only a few numbers and get access to your loved ones within no time.

An attractive feature of this plan is recharge option. You can buy this option for a very low charge and get your calling card recharged when you need it. Online recharging facility is available. You can get your call history details whenever required. With its better quality and lower rates, it allows you to save more on your international calls. With its Print-A-Card option, you can make calls without entering PIN and account number every time. Pingo premium plan review reveals that its affiliate program is also typical to Pingo. You can earn more by referring pingo to your friend and promoting their superb services. As per users’ views, this plan is convenient and cost-effective and they prefer it to other companies’ calling plans.

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