Prepaid Cellular Phones?

prepaid cell phonePrepaid cellular phones are getting famous and you may be wondering if you need one? Hmm… Well, prepaid cellular phones can be the right choice for some people, but others will be better off sticking with regular plans. Prepaid cellular phones do not require you to sign any contract nor pay any monthly bills. Prepaid cellular phones also have similar features to what free cellular phones have. Some examples are voice mail, text messaging, call waiting and caller ID.

When you buy a prepaid cellular phone, they will setup a card for you, depending on the number of minutes you choose. When you run out of minutes, you can buy additional cards. Disadvantages of prepaid cellular phones? Minutes cost as much as twice more than regular cell phone plans. Furthermore, advanced features such as Internet connectivity may not be available.

verizonwirelss prepaid

In summary, you should consider a prepaid cellular phone if: you do not use your cell phone very often, less than 30 minutes per month. you want to limit the number of minutes you talk every month… that’s if you’re an impulse consumer! you want to use your phone for emergency purposes only you have bad credit and a regular free cellular phone might be hard to get.

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