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PTEL logoThe PTEL Mobile is a famous brand of the PlatinumTel Communication and has a long list of loyal customers. The company has been working in this industry since 2001 and delivering wireless services, according to the needs of it’s each subscriber. The company offers various economic plans and ptel coupon code to meet the needs of subscribers. The subscribers can manage their account with the help of a tool and enjoy the simple billing process without any termination fee and credit checks. These services are special because there are no hidden charges and monthly bills. This network is reliable and offers extensive services for the satisfaction of its subscribers.

Reasons to Choose PTEL

It is a well-known wireless company offering numerous plans with varying levels of data stipends. All plans offer unlimited talk time, text and Wi-Fi connection. The lowest plan of the Ptel offers unlimited talk time and text with 250MB of high-speed data. It is an ideal package for the domestic users. The ptel coupon code offers the facility to customers for the purchase of different plans. Its outstanding features are:

  • Compatible system with unlocked GSM phones
  • No additional and hidden fee
  • Compatible with some models of BlackBerry

ptel promo codeMonthly Plans of PTel

The PTel mobile offers two monthly plans at highly competitive rates, such as:

  • $40 with unlimited talk, the web, text and global text
  • $50 with unlimited talk, the web, text and global text

Both plans offer different facilities, such as the $40 plan provide 4G speed for the initial 250MB of data, and the $50 plan provides 4GB speed with 2GB of data. You will get facilities of free SMS, MMS and talk messages. You can make almost 411 calls without paying any additional charges. The facility of international dialing is available for more than 40 countries like Canada, Costa Rica, China, Denmark, Germany, France and many others. The call only cost a penny per minute. If you have ptel coupon code, then you can buy these plans at discounted rates. There are some cheapest usage-based plans that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry:

ptel price

  • $0.05/Minute | Talk
  • $0.02 | Text
  • $0.10 | 1MB
  • $0.02 | Global Text
  • $0.02 | MMS
  • $0.50 | 441


The Ptel receive no additional fees for your plans; therefore, you can get your plan without any activation fee. You can also deactivate your service without paying any charges. There is no need to worry about the long distance fee because the plans are available for your convenience. You can buy airtime for the particular destinations with ptel coupon code, and the top-up cards of $10 to $50 and $100 are available to particular retailers.

Selection of Phone

You need unlocked GSM phone for the PTel services, and the phone should be able to operate on the AWS 1700/2100 bands. It will help you to take the advantage of 3G/4G data capabilities. Some BlackBerry devices can be used for the Ptel network, but the network basically can’t support the mail and messenger of BlackBerry phones. You can get a range of devices on their website from Nokia 1616 and Alcatel OT-665 and Samsun T749 Highlight, HTC Wildfire 5 and LG P999 Optimus G2X. You can use ptel coupon code to buy these devices of your choice.

The PTel offers email and phone support with a large database on its website. Overall, the PTel is an excellent service provider, but unfortunately, they are offering services in the limited areas. In Texas and other similar areas, its coverage is excellent, and people prefer its monthly plans for cheap rates.

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