Rebtel Android App Review

Communication is an undeniably integral part of one’s life. It connects one to another, and one to the world. It is almost impossible for one to live without communication with others since it has become our essential characteristic as sociable creature. Meanwhile, throughout the vast and rapid growth of our way of communication, there are some incredible advancements some of us might have not been able to predict before.

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Rebtel As Your Future

More people across the world are integrated. It is like communication knows no boundary to be able to connect people, no matter how far they are separated. We can now talk to someone at the other side of the world through such an easy method, as if we are calling someone next-door.

But it has been so common. The incredible part of today’s advancement is that you no longer need to pay a ridiculous amount of money to call someone in another country, far from your homeland. One of the phone service providers is Rebtel, which is truly ‘rebellious’ at some point. It breaks the borders between people, which is why now you can make international calls with local rates.

rebtel free 2Yes, you read the right words. Rebtel can connect you with someone, for example in Greece while you are in the US, with you talking and paying as if you and the recipient are in the same area. The connection is considered pretty clear while the rates are extremely cheap. Rebtel makes it possible for their ‘hijacking’ (as Rebtel says itself) the lines between the caller and receivers.

Rebtel’s Service on Android App

More importantly, since smartphone users have grown much significantly, Rebtel is also present in smartphone app. Android users can download Rebtel app for free on Google Play. Through this app, you can more easily access to Rebtel features. This app is surely necessary for those making regular international calls. All Rebtel features are just right in your hand.

rebtel free 3You can enjoy their cheap international call rates on the app’s simple but marvelous interface. You can also buy plans through this app, so you would not need to visit their website to buy for needed plans. Just select the international number you are going to call, and then you will be connected with the receiver. And more importantly, the number you use to call is local number. That’s how you get the service in cheap rates.

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