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Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth are the two partners who founded Rebtel in 2006, a company that has grown to become a household name around the world. It is a Swedish based company. It offers a wide variety of services ranging from messaging, mobile money transfer and international calling. Its diverse services are widely offered in iPhone, windows phone and Android apps respectively. You can use Rebtel local numbers in the 60+ countries using this service worldwide via the internet connection to link up with your loved ones who are miles apart. Rebtel is known for running what can be termed as out-of-this-world promotions such as the Rebtel Canada promotions that is tailored to benefit its users across Canada.

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A brief History

Hjalmar Winbladh, Rebtel’s founder had earlier on co-founded Sendit AB. Before the $127.5 million acquisition by Microsoft, he had spent seven years as its President taking the firm public. In its journey to success the former COO of TradeDoubler, Andreas Bernström was appointed as its CEO in September, 2009. By the year 2013, the company had almost over 25 million users in the globe with more than 75 loyal and passionate employees serving it.

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Utilizing most smartphones applications or rather an option of landlines Rebtel million users worldwide get the ability to low-cost or the merit to free international calls. Visualizing the expenses incurred in making international calls, directly we extract a positive virtue in this aspect. Without any deep software installation or internet connections, Rebtel gets to work on any type and model of a phone in the entire world.

In September 2012, an SDK got launched by Rebtel thus, gave the independent developers the ability to access instant messaging in their apps and clearly integrate voice calling on a full-time basis. Prior to the development of SDK which got official launching by Rebtel, it led to supporting of data communications consisting of 3G, 4G internet respectively or Wi-Fi. Decisions to handle all user management virtues and all experiences which come along with it can independently be laid on by the very developers.

Sendly, it is an app which was officially launched by Rebtel in December, the year 2013. Enables users to top up family and friends mobile phones abroad on a pre-paid basis.

Canada Promotions

Why sign up for Rebtel services?rebtel africa

  • Conveniently cheap- This gives its users the ability to utilize it more often because of its low cost of usage hence, no losses made. Therefore, Rebtel Canada Promotions being convenient to its users.
  • No internet needed- The Rebtel Canada Promotions also comes up with a great merit to the users as its services can be widely outlaid without any sort of internet connection.
  • Has over one billion trusted minutes- All you need to do is picking a suitable plan according to your needs and sign into it. Choosing Rebtel in Canada gives you the merit of actually getting the better rates and real quality to call without any internet connection.
  • Best credit rates available-While calling using World Credits you can have the expectation of getting to use these rates for very many different services in your country. It should be noted that a unlimited deal goes hand in hand with a flat rate.
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