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Rebtel helps you connect with other people around the world through international calling app. Yet the calling app is special for it would not cost you money when you are talking with friends at the other side of the call. In other words, your international calls are basically free, to more than 50 countries. But how can Rebtel get you access to other call lines without charging you a single penny?

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Free International Calls to 50+ Countries

Rebtel connects you with whoever you want to talk to through international calls. There are at least 50 countries registered to be under Rebtel service. International calls do not make the connection unstable or expensive. Instead, Rebtel serves you with truly cheap service plans and crystal-clear connection, without worrying about it getting drop.

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Rebtel makes it possible by getting you to local lines of the particular country where you make calls to. And because you make calls via local lines, the connection is stable and clear. Its cheap cost has also been proven by millions of users across the world. If you are interested in trying out their service, you can even get your free 5-minute call to whatever country you would like to make calls to.

But, you have to firstly download their free apps on Google Play if you use Android phones, or App Store for iPhone users. So, have you finally got the right international call service provider? With all those benefits they Rebtel offers to you, it should be hard to reject it, especially for you planning to call someone in Cuba, India, or Nigeria. These three countries are recorded to receive most international calls through Rebtel.

Cuba Call Rates

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Do you have friends staying in Cuba whom you want to get in touch after years passed? Just get your Rebtel app through Google Play or App Store and enjoy no-internet international call connection at such an affordable cost. People using Indonesian numbers can select one of three package plan options, ranged from around IDR 67K to 335K per month. Or you may be interested in their promotion offering you 20-minute call for only $5 per month.

Even Rebtel offers a very great benefit for those members of Rebtel. By signing in to your Rebtel accounts, you can have Rebtel Cuba promotions. Just enter the available code as you get to the checkout page. Rebtel will process your request before you can access their service to make calls to Cuba.

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