Rebtel Free International Call Review

It is not as free as you think, but Rebtel’s services are pretty worth checking out. Rebtel is an international call service provider offering quite distinct products to their users. Their unique approach is somehow responded by many users positively. Millions of users have been claimed to satisfy about Rebtel’s services.

Are you becoming curious about what Rebtel has got for you? Mind reading through this following review to get the most of Rebtel.

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What is Rebtel?

This company has gained millions of users as their regular consumers. They basically offer them with low-cost and crystal-clear international calls. It may sound so vague for some people. In fact, many of its users have proven themselves that Rebtel is truly cheap.

Users can enjoy talking to someone they wish to call while the two of them are located in a far distance from one another. That is the most basic purpose of Rebtel though. Yet, what if you only have to pay for a little money for unlimited calls to particular countries for the whole month? Does it still look so basic for you? This benefit is the weapon of Rebtel, used to draw more users to them.

rebtel africaIn addition, a number of people have experienced it by themselves that the calls they make are pretty clear and stable. It does not easily drop, which is why they are satisfied with Rebtel service. Though users have to conduct certain unusual method, most of them feel okay about it. Rebtel users can talk to recipents, after they ask the recipients to hang up and call them back while the callers are still on the line. After the two sides reconnected, they can talk through unlimited time, if you choose the unlimited plans.

There have been hundreds of countries around the world listed in Rebtel database. So this phone service provider is pretty reliable for those making frequent international calls.

rebtel cheap

Some Red Flags

Though there are quite lots of voices raised positively for Rebtel, you may need to analyze their services more coherently. Some users do not feel satisfied by Rebtel, which we cannot deny. Some of them question Rebtel’s clear connection. In addition, some users also had bad experiences regarding the transaction issues.

If you are a careful consumer, you might want to consider every review as a good point to start. And this should also be included into your consideration.

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