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Some of us might have regularly made international calls to various countries via a number of instant messenger platforms such as Whatsapp. Yet, you must have known that calling to international numbers via Whatsapp would cost you some amount of money in the form of internet data, or Wi-Fi connection if available. It means that you could reach your friends in other countries with some charge of money.

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That condition is certainly disturbing. Why paying if you can get it for free? Yes, Rebtel will answer your dilemma of whether or not you should make international calls.

What Rebtel Offers to You

rebtel freeAs what they put on their website’s headline, Rebtel does not require internet and costly charge to give you what you have always wished for. Unlike Whatsapp and similar platforms, Rebtel does not need you to be on Wi-fi area or mobile phone with internet data. As long as you got Rebtel app on your phone, your international calling is free.

You may only be charged with a sum of money or internet data as Rebtel tries to connect your app with the receiver’s app. But once you are connected with the receiver, you can take as long as you want to be able to talk to them with no charge. Does it sound really good? Rebtel should be your top priority when it comes to flexible and reliable international call service provider.

Rebtel would only charge you each month to be eligible for enjoying their service at such an affordable rate. Even it is claimed that Rebtel offers the lowest price among its competitors. For instance, you can have unlimited calls to India, for only IDR 135,106.50 per month. This rate is surely very much cheap, with the service you are going to enjoy.

Rebtel Has These Promotions For Callings to India

It is truly great to be able to enjoy this breathtakingly easy and cheap access whenever we want to call our relatives in other countries around the world, particularly those living in India. Rebtel has prepared something very special for each of us. You are offered to buy their unlimited calling to India for only $10 per month.

Yrebtel free 2ou can even earn some Rebtel coupons offering discounts to particular products offered by Rebtel. By entering their coupon codes as you get on Rebtel’s checkout page, you will be charged even cheaper than the regular rates.

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