Rebtel iPhone App Review

Rebtel is unique, as said by a number of reviewers. Imagine that you dial an international number, but charged for local calls, or as if you make local calls. Does it sound logical? Believe it or not, Rebtel which is running their service through VoIP system does really provide you with those benefits. It may seem so difficult to understand by some people. Yet, you can get its review here.

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How Rebtel Works

Rebtel is available for making international calls from and to both mobile and landline phones. Besides, they do not charge you with a great sum of money, just like what other phone service providers do. Instead, Rebtel is considered to offer the lowest rates, available in hundreds of countries around the world.

we are rebtelYet, they have a distinct treatment for that service. You will experience several different things, compared to making international calls through regular providers. It is begun by you dialing the international numbers through Rebtel number that has been given to you. After you are connected with the receivers, you would have to ask them to hang up the phone and call you back, without you leaving the line. When your receivers do, you will be instantly reconnected.

What is the point of that complex steps? By doing those methods, you will be charged for local lines, instead of international calls. So that’s how Rebtel’s cheap cost comes from.

Besides, you can also enjoy Rebtel’s services through smartphone apps, which one of them is available on iPhone. Rebtel’s iPhone app enables you to make international calls via app-to-app connection with no internet connection needed.

Rebtel’s iPhone app Review

Rebtel’s iPhone app can be downloaded for free on App Store. Through this app, you can more easily get access to particular international calls only by dialing recipient’s number in your contacts. The number displayed on the receiver’s caller ID would show them local number which has been generated by Rebtel for you.

rebtel freeIn addition, the number given to you by Rebtel to make international calls would automatically be saved in your own address book. The number later can be used to make calls to other number in the same countries or areas as your caller ID.

There have been quite lots of users feel surprised by the cheap rates offered by Rebtel, especially when they can get easy access through such an iPhone app. Though some people find the connection unstable, more people review Rebtel iPhone app as a great thing to have.

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