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Today, you do not have to pay for ridiculous amount of money to call someone in other countries around the world. Those miles should no longer burden you; preventing you from making contacts with your family members or friends just because of the costly charge. An international call service provider, based in Stockholm, Rebtel, offers you a truly interesting way to try.

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How Rebtel Serves Its Users

Clear and stable connection are probably the most important aspect for ones willing to keep in touch with friends in such a distance through phone calls. Rebtel can surely give it to you. Rebtel will get you to the local lines of the country you are making international calls to. So, you will feel like talking to someone who lives in the same neighborhood as yours. Rebtel ensures you that your calls will not be interrupted.

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Besides, as what has been mentioned earlier, though Rebtel gets you premium-quality call connection, they do not charge you as much as other service providers. Even those living in the US can enjoy monthly plan which cost from $1. Has it startled you? There are many more products Rebtel offers to its users from around the world, in 50 more countries.

Millions of users have admitted how well Rebtel does their job, especially those users making regular international calls to Nigeria, India and Cuba. Those three countries are recorded to have been called most frequently through Rebtel. It is like with Rebtel, there is no boundary between you and your friends, though they are far from you.

Get Rebtel Service to Nigeria

Nothing should worry you anymore if you have long wished to call you family in Nigeria. Rebtel has the answer for your problem. International calls to both mobile and landline numbers located in Nigeria would only cost you for IDR 377.77 per minute if you call via Indonesian numbers.

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Besides, Rebtel offers a very great promotion to everyone in Indonesia to be able to enjoy calling their relatives of whoever they wish through Nigeria 600. It means that you can make calls to Nigeria for as long as 600 minutes in total to any number from Indonesian numbers for only $15 per month. It does not matter if the receiving numbers are mobile or landline numbers, Rebtel gives it all to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Download their apps now on Google Play or App Store, and start enjoying Rebtel services.

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