Rebtel Review

Cheap international calling service is fair advantage of Rebtel and what more it offers…you can learn about through Rebtel reviews. Rebtel users do not have to pay additional connection or cancellation charges. You will surely enjoy calling experience with Rebtel because of its outstanding call making features. You just have to enter desired contact number after signing up for Rebtel. In response, you receive a local contact number from Rebtel. This Rebtel created number helps you make free calls to other Rebtel members. If you ask your friend to hang up on the line, he can instantly call you back on your phone line and this call will be free for its being considered as local call. Local call from Rebtel is not a facility for all the countries but for some specific countries.

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This international call service is applicable for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. Simply download Rebtel app on your smartphone and enjoy cheaper rates for international calls. You do not have to involve into hassle while making call from Rebtel and call becomes free when communication device of call maker and call receiver are of same category. Rebtel users can send text messages through SMS in order to enjoy frank communication at international level. If you are among those who love to rely over VoIP Services, you can avail Rebtel offer for making low-priced VoIP calls. But when you make VoIP calls, telecommunication network of company does not forward call rather calls get conveyed through internet.

rebtel rate and price

Rebtel call rates differ from country to country and you can get exact information about location based call rates through Rebtel reviews. This is particular with Rebtel to make or receive worldwide calls to mobile devices or landline phones. Another rich feature of Rebtel is…your friends and family call you and you pay charges for their call making activity. Rebtel offers the very simple method for making direct calls from Rebtel to Rebtel. For local calls, you have to pay nothing this is why majority of Rebtel users prefers calling by using Rebtel created numbers. Rebtel call service assists you to have a record of your contact numbers in the memory of phone book. Rebtel offers easy access to four languages including French, Spanish, English and Polish for convenience of international Rebtel users.

Low speed dialing functionality is a downside of using Rebtel call service but when there is matter of economic factor, low speed dialing seems no issue. Business community does not consider Rebtel as the best because it does not suit their interests. Anyhow, Rebtel is excellent for making calls to family and friends and once after signing up, you cannot resist impressive contribution of Rebtel in your life. Rebtel reviews reveal Rebtel users’ opinion about this international calling service. Take frank view of these reviews and enjoy great benefits of making calls to those who live in foreign countries. Ease of use is the most appreciating feature for which people like to use Rebtel and give priority to this app over existing communication apps.

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