Rebtel Scam? – Not True!!!

Persons who are using international calling service always wonder whether Rebtel is a scam. It is too good to believe that there is really a free international calling service in the world. We heard too many lies.

Rebtel claims that using it to make international calls is really simple. All you have to do is just dial a local phone number in you staying country. Even better, you can make free international calls using it. It really seems to be the most affordable solution in the world. This also makes it seem like a scam.

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Actually, many person including me use Rebtel for calls from one country to another country. When you make a call to someone. All you have to do is to register his/her contact information in your Rebtel account manager interface. Rebtel will give you a local phone number to replace your friend’s international number. When you dial the local number using your mobile / landline phone that already register in the you Rebtel account, your friend’s phone rings and you can talk now.

rebtel scamFor this situation, you’ll have to pay for a local call from my mobile / landline phone to the Rebtel number, plus about a cheap calling rate per a minute for the international portion of the call. If right after receiving the call, your friend hangs up and calls back on the local number that is displayed on his screen, the charge for the international portion of the call is free.

In my experience, Rebtel is a very good service, absolutely not a scam. It may seem like too good to be true. However it is really true. You can make free international calls if you can call the local number in your staying country free. Take time to read the information at the Rebtel website. There is a lot of information there.

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