Rebtel vs Skype, Which is Better?

Rebtel…an awesome international call making service has enveloped whole the world into its tempting features along with the lowest call rates. Rebtel is free for download and you can frankly download it for your Android devices, iPhone and PCs and this is absolutely easy to use. The nice way to say something to those who live far from you in foreign countries is …Rebtel. Some people use Skype to make local as well as international calls and love to enjoy with Skype because they are used to using it. There is no doubt in it that Skype is world’s number one communication app but you cannot ignore some of the striking features of Rebtel as well.

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Rebtel vs Skype, which is better…

Everyone can make cheaper international calls from both the apps and if you want to enjoy free calls, both the caller and the receiver should use the same app for communication devices. If you are going towards Skype, it allows calling to only one friend in a week living in abroad. There are some differences between Rebtel and Skype as:

  • When you make an international call from Skype, you have to go to pro page where you sign in and click the option of Call. Sometimes, it creates a little bit hassle for Skype users.
  • When you make an international call from Rebtel to other Rebtel users, you just have to select a Rebtel created number and call the person you want to talk to.
  • Skype takes a little bit time to connect you with the other Skype user while Rebtel consumes no time to make you connected with the other Rebtel user.
  • Using Skype, you can make calls only to Skype while Rebtel gives you access to other networks as well. Users of both the apps are in millions and they have been enjoying the cheapest rates for international calls since the emergence of these dynamic apps. Both the apps – Rebtel and Skype – are absolutely free of data network limitations.

rebtel access numberWell, are you trying to guess Rebtel vs Skype, which is better? These reviewed points will certainly clear your mind about which is better and why.

  • Envision Some Matches between Skype & Rebtel
  • Rebtel and Skype both retain compatibility with Android, Smartphones and PCs
  • You can make free calls from Rebtel to Rebtel and Skype to Skype
  • Both the apps offer the cheapest rates for international calls
  • Rebtel and Skype are free for local calls
  • Easy to install and easy to use.

You can also use international SMS both from Rebtel and Skype but revealing fact about Skype is, it takes a little bit more time for signing in rather you do not have to experience this situation with Rebtel.

The answer to the statement Rebtel vs Skype, which is better is…Rebtel is becoming more and more popular among global community because of its comparatively cheaper call rates for international calls. You can have a personal experience of it making use of both the apps and you will realize soon that Rebtel is better than Skype from various aspects. Rates for international calls from Rebtel are really cheaper and sound quality is better than Skype. Now take your own decision either you are in favor of Rebtel or Skype…welcome to share your true opinion.

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