RingCentral phone system reviews

The dynamics of the modern day work environment makes many small scale business enterprises to seek to employ the mobile workforces. This has made it possible for employees to be capable of working from literally anywhere they are. The only limitation of such involvement is the fact that without much care, your business may end up lacking that professional outlook it requires. Ensure that your business project maintains the professional image it requires and deserves. A careful look at the RingCentral phone system reviews is important as far as this subject is concerned.

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It is under such professionalism that the virtual phone system is now needed. The virtual phone system operates by ensuring that there is a connection between a phone line and the mobile workers wherever they are via their cell phones, softphones and home phones among others.  If a client or a customer calls an office, just the way they would do in the traditional ways, the phone call is directed to the employee wherever they are in the field.

Going through the RingCentral phone system reviews, we get to understand the myriad of reasons as to why the RingCentral virtual phone system is preferred. There is a great wealth of information, marvelous features, the relatively low cost, the minute bundles present within every single service plan, and the ability for a business to upgrade from the present status to a fully fledged office telephone system as well as its high status as one of the best VoIP providers gives it thumbs high.

Why the RingCentral Virtual Phone System?


ringcentral call forwardingThe system has got a wide variety of service plan for people to choose from. The good news is that most of these plans are not only attractive but the come with a low cost. There is no additional hardware required. In addition, no activation or set up fee is needed. The only charges are the month to month payment plans. If you opt to go for the yearly plan, you will end up with a very good discount.

The cheapest bundles plan is the $19.99/month but is discounted to 9.99/month of you go for the yearly option. This includes 300 local toll free long distance minutes and 2 extensions. On running out of your allotted minutes before end month, a fee of 4.9 cents/extra minute will be billed.

The most popular option of the RingCentral phone system reviews is the “ProPlus” plan which goes for $29.99/month or 19.99/month if you opt for the annual subscription. The largest RingCentral phone system reviews plan charges $39.99/month with 24.99/month being the discount if you go for the annual billing.


The range of RingCentral phone system reviews calling features is great:

  • The ability of creating and using softphones
  • The auto receptionist that welcomes callers with some custom enterprise or company greetings is yet another pro.
  • It also features a voicemail option not forgetting the mobile app it comes with hence making it compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Other wonderful features according to the RingCentral phone system reviews include the on-hold music; call recording facility, missed calls & messages notifications among others.

All in all, if you go through the RingCentral phone system reviews, you will marvel at the features together with the ease of use of this technology.

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