Spoofcard Android Review

Spoofcard with its amazing spoofing featured applications comes out finally with spoofcard android. This feature is specially designed for android handsets. It is regarded as the best android app ever. Although spoofing feature is also available for iPhones but with Android is something which makes SpoofCard standout in the market. With this amazing and advanced tool for androids, users can now make calls anonymously without showing their real caller identity. Using spoofcard android application, users can adjust their information appearing on their recipients’ display. This innovative development by SpoofCard, android users can enjoy all awesome features that were previously available for iPhone users only. With this beautiful spoofcard android app, users can enjoy the following applications on their android sets:

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ID Spoofing

Android users are now protected by spoofing their calling ID with the appearance of a fake ID on their recipients’ caller ID display. When users make a call with spoofcard app, there will appear a number of options on the android screen. These will include destination number and spoofed number prominently. Destination number is the number of the recipient whom you want to make a call whereas spoof number is the number which you want to appear on your recipient’s screen display as your number.spoofcard android

You can choose any number as your spoof number. As it is a fake number it will hide your calling identity from your recipient. After entering destination and spoofed number, go for placing your call which will connect you to your recipient with the fake number that you want to appear on his screen.

Changing of Voice

Another amazing feature is voice changing while making a call or during a call. This appears with the name of voice changer below the spoofed number. Users can choose either male or female voice for them and system will adjust their voices accordingly. So, it is a fun by which a male can speak as a female and a female like if she had been a male. Settings can be adjusted according to instantly changed voices so that it would sound in a different way.

Recording of Calls

With this feature of spoofcard android, users can record their calls and thus can keep backups for their conversations. These recorded calls can be used as a proof for legal or other purposes as per users’ requirements.

Changing Background Noises

You can assure the person with whom you are on a call that the place which you have claimed to be at the time you told him is true. Many background noises are available in the spoofcard android app like crowd, casino, traffic, night club noise, etc. These noises can be changed as per users’ desire as what they want to make other person hear.

Group Spoofing

Using Spoofcard android’s group spoofing option, users can add many people for conversation in a single call. Distance and places do not matter; you can add any person from any place. With above mentioned amazing features, android users can enjoy making anonymous calls disguising their caller IDs and it was a dream before SpoofCard appeared in the market.

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