SpoofCard App Review

Spoofcard app is world’s number one spoofing app that not only hides Caller ID but also changes voice for privacy concerns. How to disguise your real number from the call recipient is very simple. Just enter a number for displaying purposes and the recipient will see the fake number. The person you make a prank call will not think about you rather he may think that someone unknown is calling.

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How Does SpoofCard App Multiply Fun?

Adding multiple individuals to your spoofed call, you can enjoy multiplied fun. The more people you add to group spoofing, the more pleasure you derive from making spoofed calls. You may also give realistic touch to anonymous calls by adding background noises. You can easily make it as call is coming from noisy nightclub, lively surroundings or nearby traffic. Using SpoofCard, Caller ID is completely covered and recipient does not identify your real number.

Simple & Easy To Use Spoofing App

spoofcardJust adjust simple and easy to use settings to alter your real voice. You can bring this change instantly without bringing it to the recipient’s notice. In this way, you can fool your family or friends to make fun with them. They will consider you as someone stranger who is calling and talking to them. One the other side, you will enjoy their response to your prank calls.

If you want to get evidence against a friend who does not admit the money he owes from you, it is easy to record a prank call with spoofcard app. Later on, this recorded call will be helpful for keeping backups of past conversations.

SpoofCard application works on almost every phone including Blackberry, Android and Windows phone or iPhone. If you have anyone of these compatible devices, you can promptly start with spoofing without a minute’s delay. This world’s best spoofing app is an advanced but practically very straightforward application. You can make funny calls using SpoofCard from your mobile device and it will hide your real number displaying fake number on recipient’s side.

Spoofcard App Free Trial

Although Spoofcard app is paid service even then new users can try free trial for satisfaction. Once you are satisfied with the spoofing service, you can buy it from the authorizing website. Spoofed Caller ID is the perfect way to hide your real number and make fun calls to your friends and family. It has been a dream in the past to hide Caller ID but SpoofCard has made everything cool for those who really want to make fun. This intuitively designed app offers endless fun making possibilities to the users who wish for making anonymous calls for the sake of fun. With free trial, users cannot record calls because this particular option is only for paid users.

Whether you live in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Australia, France, USA, Israel, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy or any other country of the world, spoofcard app is available for worldwide users. You can enjoy spoofing today from your iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry.

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