SpoofCard Free Trial Review

Are you looking for something more exciting in your life? An idea of making spoof calls to friends and family might come to your mind? SpoofCard is a way to derive pure fun and delight through making spoof calls. Whatever morally legal intentions you have, you can enjoy the best time of making anonymous calls with SpoofCard. For initial experience, spoofcard free trial will help you talk to individuals or groups without sharing your real number with them. SpoofCard replaces your real phone number with spoofed phone number.

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How to Use SpoofCard Free Trial?

Once you download spoofcard free trial version on your Blackberry, Apple iPhone or Google Android phone, you can start making calls with spoofed number. Signing up with the website assigns a Caller ID according to caller’s choice. With free trial, users can enjoy anonymous calls for no less than 30 minutes. But if you have paid account, you can make unlimited prank calls using a PIN every time before making a call with spoofed number.

spoofcard free trialThere are misconceptions and people take SpoofCard as an illegal service but truth is different from that. Concerned authorities in the United States allow users using SpoofCard. But if someone uses it with immoral aims, Caller himself is responsible for making illegal use of SpoofCard. If you are going to begin your excitement with spoofed calls, you must ensure that the particular location you are calling to and calling from are legally allowed by the United Sates Law. Calling from spoofed numbers using spoofcard free trial is legal except using it for law enforcement agencies, emergency hotlines, financial institutions and health care centers.

SpoofCard Free Trial Offers Something More than Spoofing Calls

SpoofCard enables users to enjoy spoof calling by masking their voice. This powerful app can easily change the actual pitch of your voice. Spoofing calls is basically created for amusement and fun. You might be thinking that if call recipient cannot see your real number then what appears on his side? It is really interesting to know that the call receivers see spoofed ID of callers on their bills. They can never trace spoofed ID back to caller.

If you are an individual with no experience of trying spoofed calls, this is right time for you to choose a free trial with SpoofCard. If you feel satisfied with the trial version, you can buy it with enhanced features. With the free trial version, you can also check issues with some specific numbers you have already been trying to spoof but not successful with your spoofing efforts.

Simple Way to Use Free Trial SpoofCard

Before using SpoofCard free trial, enter your own callback phone number, the particular number you wish for calling, and another number you intend to spoof or display on recipients’ bill. The only limitation with the free trial is that you cannot record exploits. Web interface of SpoofCard allows users to view their call history. To have easy access to call recording option, you will have to buy fully featured SpoofCard application.

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