SpoofCard iPhone Review

Spoofcard with its amazing call-spoofing features for mobile handsets, iPads and Android phones has taken a step forward in making user calling IDs secure while making a call. Spoofcard iPhone is a free application that is available for iPhones. It allows iPhone users to customize their caller ID info on a call. Spoofcard is a tool by which a user can make calls while being anonymous, giving him the benefit to hide caller ID. With this application, users can unblock their iPhone caller-ID information and also customize information appearing on the recipients ID display. 

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This application offers an advantage of new jailbreak app. For using Spoofcard iPhone applications, users need to jailbreak their phones and then download spoofcard using Cydia. This spoofing opportunity is for all iPhones in the market and can work on any of them whether you use iPhone4 or iPhone5, etc. Spoofcard iPhone has the following awesome features which can make you call any one you want and being some one that you want.

Spoofing Caller ID

spoofcard group spoofBy this feature, users can protect their calling ID on their iPhones. It works in a simple way. When you make a call, a number of options appear on your iPhone screen. These options allow you to choose the number to whom you want to make a call, your caller ID that you want to display etc. You can choose any caller ID. For example; you can choose any fake number, the person whom you call will see only that number not your real one. Displaying a different number from your real one will protect your privacy.

Group Spoofing

With Spoofcard iPhones group spoofing feature,  users can now add many more people to their call for conversation to increase pleasure and can also add someone who could listen in from any place he is present. For example; you can add friends present in far off locations at the same time.

Background Noise

Users can add a number of background noises while they are on call to assure other person that what they say about, where they are is authentic. For example; you can add if noises in your background are that of a night club, crowd, traffic, casino, etc. These noises hear so real that it will make other person believe what you are saying about your presence in a place at that time is true.

Change Your Voice

This feature gives users the ability to change their voice to either male or female. This option appears when you are going to make a call on your iPhone. Users can adjust their settings and also can instantly change their voice in such a way that it would sound differently.

Record Calls

Another feature of Spoofcard iPhone is that it allows you to record your calls to get a proof for what you need. By recording your calls, you can keep your conversations backups. It is just a simple and affordable fun with many applications that anyone can enjoy.

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