SpoofCard Review – All about Anonymous Calls

SpoofCard offers web based communication service to the worldwide users. It helps individuals and group users call anonymously to their friends or relatives without revealing their real identity to the recipients. An unbiased spoofcard review highlights great features, SpoofCard offers to its users making them sure that they are completely anonymous while making calls. Whether you want to do a practical joke with your friends or wish to hide your identity, SpoofCard is the best available option for you. It displays a particular number instead of showing caller’s real contact number and caller himself choses this number.

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Enjoyable Features of Spoofcard

The most enjoyable thing you find with SpoofCard is that it disguises caller ID. It will require a particular number of your choice to display when you make a call to someone. Making a call using SpoofCard ensures that call recipient cannot trace caller ID as you are protected. You can also change the tone and pitch of your voice altering from women’s voice to men’s voice or vice versa. Everyone can make fun using reliable and wonderful features by SpoofCard.

If you find voice changer as an interesting feature in spoofcard review, you must have sufficient information on how to use different options to change voice. When you make a call using SpoofCard, you see multiple options where you can change voice. Once you click the option, it takes no time to change your voice during speaking.

spoofcard featuresUsing SpoofCard, you can also add sound effects like night club noise as background noise to your call. It will help you collect evidence against someone who is not willing to agree with your point of view in any matter of life. With SpoofCard, caller can easily record conversation and use it for pleasant and enjoyable experiences.

Choosing live demo of SpoofCard, you can easily learn about how SpoofCard communication system works. Demo window contains 6 buttons whereas if you opt for paid account, you can enjoy 7 buttons. Demo version and paid version both the windows work wonderfully but demo window offers limited spoofing facility. Only paid accounts can enjoy call recording button. If you are trying demo window, you can get fun from making anonymous calls for limited duration.

Compatibility of SpoofCard

Feature rich SpoofCard app is compatible with Google Android, Apple iPhone and Blackberry. Before using this wonderful app on your compatible device, you can check spoofcard review or video to see how its features work. You can download this app from app store or there is another option of using it directly. For great SpoofCard service, you will have to buy credits and it is easy to do through the secure payment process of website. SpoofCard is getting popular all around the world and increasing popularity of this excellent system rests on its gorgeous spoofing features. Besides making anonymous calls from SpoofCard, user can also make fun from SMS spoofing. To learn more about reliable, easy to operate, simple and affordable features of SpoofCard, simple way is to go through an online spoofcard review.

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