SpoofCard Review

Spoofcard has introduced many amazing call-spoofing features for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry etc. One of its features includes spoofcard texting. Here, a brief Spoofcard review with its main applications is given. A great feature that it offers for iPhones and Androids is mainly hiding Caller ID. You can be anyone when you choose to make a call to anyone. Other features include recording of your calls, changing voice during call, add background effects and many more. These features could be used for business or fun. These offers are inexpensive and quite easy in use. No technicality is involved.

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Sign Up Process

Sign up or purchase process for spoofcard applications is straight forward. After you sign up, account is automatically created. Toll free number and PIN number are delivered at the moment your sign up process is complete. They charge small amount of maintenance fee which is to be paid after every few weeks.

Voice Changer

Its voice changing feature is a great fun but it could be less realistic for some people. It can be made more realistic by changing the pitch or tone of voice while speaking during the call. This will make your voice to sound more realistic. This voice changing is an amazing feature by which a male can pretend to be a female and a female as if she were a male. Other person can’t judge if you were someone else he was not expecting.

Call Quality and Customer Help

Spoofcard review for call quality shows that its call quality is great. No drop outs and no interruptions could be experienced. This has made the SpoofCard more reliable than any other spoof calling service.

spoofcard group spoofing
Its customer service could easily be accessed and is quick and attentive as compared to other spoofing services providers. Business users can avail their live customer help as per their requirements without any delays. Although they also offer email support, their phone support has turned out to be the best.

Account Details

Another feature you may know about through the spoofcard review is by which users can view their account details, call history, addition of minutes to their PIN, playback of recorded calls, transfer of minutes with other PIN, etc. Call history feature shows number to whom call was made with date, time and length of call. Although their web control-panel has many more options as compared to any other company offering spoof services but they don’t offer web interface which could allow users to place their calls from their own site. But they are working on it.

iPhones & Androids

Spoofcard review for application usage shows that its configuration is appreciable as it is straight forward. The thing which users must have for making spoofcard app work is PIN number. Spoofcard address book integration for iPhones and Androids is impressive as it could easily be used. iPhone and Android users can make anonymous calls, record their calls, change their voices, add background noise as if they were in a night club, in the crowd, casino etc.

A general spoofcard review proves that it is an easy and instant setup for spoof calls or texts. With its amazing spoofing app, SpoofCard is regarded as the best provider of anonymous call making facility.

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