Spoofcard Texting Review

Previously, SpoofCard offered iPhone and android spoofing that enabled the users to make calls while being an unknown person. With the increase in popularity of this offer and more and more demands from users, they have now offered a new package which is also an amazing one and that is ‘Spoofcard texting’. Using this great feature, users will be able to send SMS to any United States number with a fake number. Users can choose new number for their texting as they could do in spoofcard calling.

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This is the most frequently requested application over years. Spoofcard Review with its new innovative feature of spoofcard texting is the outstanding company for sending truly spoofed messages. But spoofed texting is somewhat restricted offer as compare to spoofed calling services and the limitation is that spoofing texting is available for sending text messages to only United States numbers. It is expected that they will enhance this feature’s coverage area.


For using Spoofcard texting feature, there are certain requirements that must be complied with. It costs only five spoofcard credits for one text message. For regular usage of this anonymous texting service, you must have spoofcard account. A free trial is offered for the users who want to opt for this amazing feature. Remember that for sending spoofed texts, you must have spoofcard credits. Without getting spoofcard credits, you can not avail this spoofcard texting opportunity. For users who already have spoofcard account, they don’t need to do anything extra for sending spoofed messages.

spoofcard featuresWhat you have to do is simply to login with your account by entering your username and password and after that go for tab indicating “Send SMS” in control panel. Now, you can send anonymous messages to any United States number.

How to Send a Spoofed Message?

There will be shown SMS Spoofing, you will see a number of options on your display. An option on the screen will continuously show how much credits are left there for you. Below this you will find the option for the number to whom you want to send an anonymous text message. After it comes the main option where you can choose to be any one, sending message to the person whose number you entered in the recipient`s block. You can enter any number which means that you can be any one you want to be at the moment. On the screen, you can also see your SMS History. Now, type your messages. Normally, you can write 0 to 160 characters which can be extended.

Terms & Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions for using this spoofcard texting feature like other spoofcard features which must be followed otherwise your account will be terminated. These terms are to be agreed before sending every spoofed text message. These terms include conditions like implementation of certain taxes, users’ responsibility regarding their username and password, liability limitation, cancellation and termination terms, billing notifications, billing disputes, billing increments and others.

Spoofcard texting is just an amazing and innovative development by SpoofCard and it has made this company stand out in the market once again.

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