Sprint Promotions for Existing Customers

As per the official statistics, Sprint customer base in the third quarter of 2016 stands close to 60 million and Sprint secured fourth place in the list prepared based on number of subscribers. Unlike other network carriers in the USA, Sprint is increasing its customer base at a steady pace. To attract new customers and to make the upgrade process easy, Sprint recently reduced the upgrade fee as well as the initiation fee for its customers. Also, the Sprint users have much more flexibility to avail different promo codes and offers compared to other network providers.Every network provider give offers to attract new subscribers whereas it gives less importance to existing customers. In case of Sprint, it gives lot of importance to its existing customers also and that’s the reason why Sprint customers are more loyal to their network provider when compared to others. From the available services point of view also, sprint is highly competitive, user friendly and economical.

Promotions for Existing customers:

Those who are complaining on high billing cycles, need to know how to reduce their billing cycles before targeting Sprint. Periodically check our website and avail the promo codes that are suitable to you and see the magic. If you intelligently select the promo offers and discounts, your monthly bills can even reduce by half. There are several existing Sprint customers who were benefitted by utilizing these offers.

My Sprint Section:

Most of the Sprint subscribers don’t even think of checking this section. In the Sprint Zone app, a dedicated section is available for existing customers and the subscribers can check the latest offers available for them. All the existing Sprint customers can download this app for free and alternatively, one can visit the official sprint website and check the offers from promotions page.

Some other offers available for existing customers:

  • Loyalty Service Credit: ​In some plans, Sprint is crediting recurring monthly balance to its users (who upgrade to latest smartphones through Sprint Lease).
  • As low as $20: ​US customers can avail several benefits from Sprint by paying as low as $20 monthly.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE: ​For Selected plans, Sprint is offering 4G unlimited LTE data at nominal prices. Upload and download without worrying about data charges.
  • Dedicated apps: ​Dedicated apps like Sprint Zone, Sprint Music Plus etc. will make your life easier. These apps are available for all the famous mobile operating systems.

Note that Sprint promo offers for existing customers are updated daily in our website and regularly check our website, so that you won’t miss any offers. If you decided to avail the promo codes, don’t go blindly but spend considerable time on researching different offers and promo codes available. Sometimes, the promo code that best suits you will be at the end of the webpage.

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