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Verizon has various captivating accessories to gear up your home with the contemporary technology. You can smoothly transit your house into sleek and high fashioned home with gears available at the Verizon stores. This review of the fascinating wireless gears will let you have a concise insight on the accessories available in the stores with promotional prospects. These accessories reflect the perfectionism of the Verizon devices. With the aid of these devices, you can change the environment of your home. Apparently, the accessories are reliable and connect to your smartphones. These accessories are at reasonable cost and the best of Verizon

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The reasons you must buy your phone accessories from Verizon Wireless.

  • The zip activity tracker by Fitbit

To get the appropriate results for your health, it is vital to keep the trail of the progress and with this tracker from Fitbit, it is efficiently possible. It is a wireless navigator you have to just attach it to your clothes to get the substantial record of distance you have covered and the quantity of burned calories. You can create a report by synchronizing the outcomes with your smartphone. The salient feature of this promotional accessory:

  1. Built a report on the workout.
  2. Helps in achieving the aims by alerting you when you are near to accomplishment of that aim.
  3. A 7-day statistics of your workout
  4. Can be easily synchronized with smartphones
  5. Easy to wear


  • Bulbs by Philips

With the installation of these bulbs, you can easily control the light levels in your house with the help of your smartphone. It let you creatively work with light. With this accessory, you can customize the light according to your lifestyle. It has vast of array of dissimilar colors of white light from radiant azure white to golden warm light. You can re-arrange the light levels according to your need. This gear can aid you in altering the surrounding of your room. You can have fun with the modification of light levels and create some mesmerizing moments at your house. It is user-friendly and you can undoubtedly enjoy the numerous merits of it.

  • The Flower Power gadget by Parrot.

This gadget is a sensor developed to install near a plant, around or within it, maybe in a medium or open air. It is intended to evaluate the nourishment parameters for the better life of plants. With the help of it can measure the following:

  1. The level of fertility
  2. The humidity of the soil
  • Chlorophyll intensity
  1. Presence of light

These are some of the important characteristics of Verizon Wireless Accessories:

  • Evaluation of light, humidity, temperature, and richness of soil
  • Alert you about the need of plant
  • Reliable for both interior and exterior usage.
  • Extended battery life of almost half a year.
  • Headphones by Plattan Urbanears

This gadget is the offshoot of the innovation and experience with numerous alluring characteristics it’s different from the other mainstream headphones. It’s an XL headphone with the sleek body and intense sound. Following is the review of the above accessory.

  • Mobile features and microphone
  • Built-in splitter to network the device with friend
  • High storage
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