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Verizon offers lots of amazing accessories to equip your home with latest technology. You can easily turn your home into a stylish and allied home with savoir-faire accessories available at Verizon. Verizon Wireless Accessories Review will enable you to have a quick look to the available accessories of Verizon. You can match anyone with your smartphone, or tablet to change the temperature of your home. Automatic accessories of Verizon enable you to change the atmosphere and setup of your home. Smart technology of Verizon is quite reliable to connect with your mobile devices.

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Fitbit® Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – Green

To get cinch results of your fitness programs, it is important to keep track of your fitness progress, and it is possible with the help of Fitbit® Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – Green. It is a wireless activity tracker, really easy to use. Just clip it on the belly or clothes to get complete record of distance you have covered during workout and calories burned with your workout. You can synchronize the information on smartphones and tablets by creating a Fitbit profile. Following are some features for quick Verizon Wireless Accessories Review:

  • Keep record of workout, burned calories and distance covered during running
  • Set your goals, and you will get alert when you will be near your goals
  • Get a weekly email about your statistics
  • Access mobile apps and online dashboard
  • Keep the tracker in your pocket or wear it on your belt or bra

Philips Hue Connected Light (Bulb Only)

Philips Hue is a wireless lighting really easy to control with the help of your smartphone, or tablet. Verizon Wireless Accessories Review will enable you to know about creative use of this light. It is really easy to personalize lighting according to your own lifestyle. Philip Hue bulb features dissimilar tenors in white light including warm golden white to vibrant azure white. You can recreate color gamut according to your taste. Philip hue bulb enables you to change the atmosphere of your room. You can enjoy some romantic and magical moments at your own home. It is really easy to install, and you can surely enjoy endless benefits with its use.

Parrot® Flower Power

verizonwirelss accessoriesParrot® Flower Power is a feeler designed to keep close to a plant, inside or outside, in a vessel or in an open ground. It is designed to measure growth parameters for the good health of plants. You can record fertility level, moisture of soil, ambient warmth and light intensity. Following are some highlighted features for Verizon Wireless Accessories Review:

  • Measurement of sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertility levels of soil
  • Provide notification about the requirements of plants
  • Best to use for both indoor and outdoor plants
  • Battery may remain alive approximately for 6 months

Urbanears Plattan Headphones – Lilac

It is an archetypal headphone with lots of amazing features to make it superior among ordinary headphones. It is a full size headphone with compact body and secluded sound. For Verizon Wireless Accessories Review, read following features.

  • Microphone and remote capabilities
  • Integrated splitter to share the device with friend
  • Easy storage and mobility
  • 47” anti-knot fabric and TPE twine with Kevlar
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