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Leaving behind all other mobile companies, Verizon wireless is at the cutting edge. It has millions of subscribers worldwide and is the top most company with respect to quality of mobiles and devices provided. Among various other mobile phones Verizon wireless offers Droid phones from Motorola. Previously Droid phones were also offered by Samsung and HTC, but now Motorola has taken over all those Droids with its newly introduced Droid phones. Motorola`s entire Droid-lineup has been updated for Verizon-wireless. As per Verizon wireless Droid phones review, there are three main Droid phones recently offered by Verizon wireless. These include Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx.

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Why to buy droid phones from Verizon Wireless?

Droid Mini has wireless-charging capabilities. Verizon wireless Droid phones review indicates that it has a compact and smooth design with its edge to edge 4.3 inch HD display.  It has lowest price among all other Droid phones. Among Verizon`s latest exclusives, it is smaller than other two. It is a good choice for people who are looking for solid phone at low price. 720p display of Motorola MINI is not the best, display is vibrant and bright, colors are found to be slightly exaggerated. Its low resolution-display does not lead to improved battery life. It is not fantastic but not bad as well. Its 10 megapixel camera gives nabbed clear photos both in and outside in wild. As its name indicates, its best feature that differentiates it among others is small size. It is quite comfortable and easy to hold. This phone is not much powerful and battery life is also not very much. Droid MINI in a nut shell is a good choice for people in search of a simple, low cost and compact Smartphone.

How to use a Verizon Wireless Droid Phones Promo Code?

verizonwirelss droid phoneDroid Ultra

According to Verizon wireless Droid phones review, Droid Ultra is the skinniest Droid phone by Motorola that can operate on high speed, LTE (long term evolution) networks.  It has a nice 5 inch screen. It is thin and light. Battery life is found to be excellent. Its swivel to launch camera is really neat. Fast performance and touch less control make it a perfect choice for Smartphone lovers. Its touch less control`s working is appreciative. Overall performance is therefore snappy. Due to its large size it may be large for some pockets. Its glossy-finish attracts finger prints which gives an unpleasant feel. Screen resolution is good but it is low for its 5 inch panel. Unnecessary branding and pre-loads may make a person feel uncomfortable. Although its camera is swivel to launch, but with poor performance. Retail price of Droid Ultra is $599.

Droid Maxx

Droid Maxx has best battery-life as compared to other LTE phones in the market. It can-be continuously used for about 48-hours without any need of it being charged. It has a retail price of $699 as stated by Verizon wireless. Some of the features are same as Ultra but battery life and better performance make it a different device. According to Verizon wireless Droid phones review, this smartphone has 5 inch 720-OLED display, a dual core snapdragon, 2GB RAM, S4 pro-processor, 10 megapixel back facing camera, 32 GB internal storage ability and touch less control as well. It seems to be ill equipped when compared with Samsung S4 and LG G2.performance is fast and good. Its strongest feature is its battery life.

Above Verizon wireless Droid phones review indicates that Droid Maxx has a better performance than other Droid phones.

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