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Fitbit is used to motivate people while working out and it tracks all the physical activity so that you can be even more active, to eat a well rounded diet and to sleep even better which will help you to turn into a healthier person. It will do this without having to turn you in the weird afro or in maniacal grin.   It was introduced for the first time in the year 2008 and it is considered to be the pedometer of 21st century.

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This is simple equipment and it is a size of the cloth’s pin. It is shaped as clip and you can easily slide it in the bra strap or in the pants pocket.  It is around 2 inches long and half inch thick.  The fitbit will log a number of data on the activities and they include the steps that you are taking, the distance that you traverse and the calories that you are burning.  It is sensitive and it can detect if you are vigorous and gives you the difference of the slow stroll or a jog which consumes even more calories.

When you sleep, you are able to get the Fitbit into the wristband so that it may monitor the quality of your sleep. It will know when you sleep, how you keep awaken during the night and  how long you sleep prostrated and staring on a ceiling thinking on the deadlines that you have not met.   The clip had been built using an OLED organic light-emitting diode which scrolls the activity data. It will tell you that you have to continue to work if you have not reached the target. There is a flower avatar that will grow when you are active while it will get short if you are lazy.


When you are around 15 feet of the wireless of the base station, the fitbit will offload automatically and the statistics will be uploaded at online profile.  This is where you may monitor the progress or lack of the progress and you can redouble the dedication you have to get in the shape.

Now you can buy the fitbit zip wireless activity tracker with Verizon wireless fitbit promo code. You are able to track the distance, calories that you burn and the steps while you can wear it discreetly at the clothing or at the belt.  The stats will be sent to the mobile device and you can set the goals you are looking to achieve.

When you buy the device using the Verizon wireless fitbit promo code, you will get access to many features. You get the alerts when you near the goals, you get the weekly email of the stats and you get insight on mobile app or on a mobile dashboard. The synchronization takes place in real time to the tablet or the Smartphone. You can wear the tracker in a discreet way where people cannot get to see it.  The battery is replaceable and it lasts around six months and you are able to see how you are doing compared to your friends.

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