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When talking about largest & most reliable mobile network in United States, the company which leads all other mobile companies is Verizonwireless. According to Verizon wireless free apps review, it covers phones and devices of every major brand from LG, HTC, Motorola, and Apple to Nokia and Samsung. Accessories for phones and other devices are also available at Verizon wireless. A wide range of mobile phones are included in its list. It is the only 4G technology company. It offers fastest internet connectivity. Mobile devices include apps which bring color to the use of mobile phones.

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Apps are the programs on a mobile device. These apps are necessary for operations of mobile phone. Without apps a mobile phone is of no use. It is true that apps give life to mobile device. These apps include both free as well as paid apps. For paid apps, certain price is charged whereas free apps are free of cost. Whenever a mobile user wants to use mobile for web surfing or sending email, he requires an app for completing all this. These apps bring life to mobile world. These popular apps cover everything from games and books to video chat and GPS. These apps increase the range of mobile usage. With these apps download can easily be completed.

As indicated by Verizonwireless free apps review, there are many free apps offered by Verizonwireless. A brief detail of these apps is as follows:

verizonwirelss free apps

Face book

According to Verizonwireless free apps review, face book is the most popular social network today. Through this one can easily connect to family and friends.

Isis Mobile Wallet

This wallet is a free app b that holds offers & loyalty cards. One can use this wallet for paying for purchases anywhere. With this Isis wallet you can enjoy same rewards, cardholder and protection benefits as you do with the credit card.

This app pulls financial accounts in one place. As per Verizonwireless free apps review, a person can easily set budget, track goals and many other financial tasks with mint mobile app.


With shazam mobile user can enjoy unlimited music anytime anywhere.


Skype is a widely used for voice and video calling. Through skype worldwide access to family and friends can be made anytime anywhere.

A website for watching videos. Users can also upload their own videos and share it online. youtube is the most viewed website for videos.


Verizonwireless free apps review supports Weather bug for providing timely updates about lighting sensors and real time weather. For weather of any location worldwide, this weatherbug mobile app provides weather updates.


This app makes easy to remember small and big things from everyday life while using phone, computer, tablet or web. With evernote you can easily create photos, audio notes and text. It can also be used to clip web-pages including links, images and text. You can also synchronize notes across various devices. This evernote mobile app also helps for  search within images and snapshots.

Slocker Radio

Enjoy live radio on your mobile phone with slocker radio.

Above mentioned apps are free for Verizon mobile phones and devices. Users can enjoy these apps by joining Verizonwireless services.

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