Verizon Wireless Free Phones

Verizon wireless is a top brand of United States in the cellular service providers. After its launch in December 2010, it got huge response because it’s Big Red Net of 4G LTE quickly spread all over the country. It is famous for its reliable and prompt services. It is fact that Verizon Wireless phones offer great features and fastest data speed, but these phones are not cheap and affordable for all customers. It does not mean that you can’t enjoy the use of Verizon Wireless phones. With the help of Verizon Wireless Free Phones Review, it is possible to pick best phone for you.

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You can pick your favorite phone from Verizon Wireless under a special plan without paying anything. Following are some Verizon Wireless Free Phones Review for your convenience.

Galaxy S3 – Verizon’s Best Free Phone

It is a long time best phone available with two-year contract. If you are ready to sign two-year contact, you will get 16GB model of Galaxy S3 in blue or white color without paying anything. Sleek design Galaxy S3 will connect you to the world so that you can get great experience of your life. The phone has premium features to make it easy for anyone to use this phone. If you are a new smartphone or Android user, do not worry as Verizon Wireless Free Phones Review will make it easy for you.

64 GB Micro SD and a removable battery are highlighted features of Galaxy S3, and these two options are really hard to get within your budget. Verizon Wireless turns impossible into possible. Its camera is really good; hence you can click some best shoots with your photography skills.

Droid Mini By Motorola

verizonwirelss free phonesDroid Mini is personified with all great features that are not usually found in smartphones of Droid. Its compact, ultra thin design and lightweight qualities make it easy to hold and carry the phone anywhere. It is a solid model that can easily handle bangs, scratches and spills. It has multiple great features, and its 4G LET network makes it an outstanding phone for all users. It is available free under 2-year contract and for further details; it will be good to check Verizon Wireless Free Phones Review.

Its exceptional battery life is best for busy phone users. Droid Mini practically stocked android with few amazing additions. Its hands free voice recognition is an amazing feature that is difficult to find in other Motorola sets. Its body is durable; hence can easily handle sudden scuffs. Do not worry about any crack on the body because its body is sturdy.

Apple iPhone 5C

It is a cheaper iPhone, but with great features and sleek design. It looks great in your hand while walking to your way. It is available in all four colors with 16GB or 32GB variants. It cost less than $100 and is subjective to lots of good features. You can find it in black, gold or grey color from Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless Free Phones Review will help you to know more about this phone.

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