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Leading mobile company of United States, Verizon wireless serves millions of subscribers worldwide. Mobile phones and devices from all major manufacturers are readily available at Verizon wireless. Fastest internet speed and easiest connectivity is the major feature of the internet cards offered by Verizon wireless. According to Verizon wireless internet cards review, Verizon is delivering high speed internet everywhere with Broadband access internet cards. These cards are of various types and are really a revolutionary step in mobile industry. These cards are of different types, some are prepaid some are free and some charge you cost to pay. Here we`ll focus our attention to PC internet cards. As per Verizon wireless internet cards review, two cards are mostly used for PC, and laptops these are PC 5220 and PC 770.  A brief description of these is as follows:

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Why to buy internet cards from VerizonWireless.Com?

PC 5220

This entry level Verizon wireless internet cards require you to pay $80/month subscription fee. EVDO is a compelling cellular-technology seen through ages. The network is very fast. It gives a solid speed of about 700 Kbps, and with highs up-to 1.2 Mbps. This speed is far more than offered by Cingular`s UTMS-network. Verizon wireless uses different PC connection manager software. Verizon wireless internet cards review indicates that this card can be easily installed and used on various Microsoft-Windows XP`s flawlessly. But its VZ access manager performs many things, including multiple connection managing and piling-in application launcher.

verizonwirelss internet cardThis PC 5220 is an EVDO based card with entry level software. Although minor problems do occur but its speed and connectivity ability makes it a good choice. For anyone who can afford a monthly fee of $80, use of this card will transform your way of work in a better direction.

PC 770

Verizon wireless internet cards review regards this internet card as a clever-little device. It is regarded as 2 cards in 1 package. One of its configurations is standard type-II PCMCIA card and other is newer express card connection.  These two configurations give this internet card extra flexibility while deciding about its connection to net book or note book PC. With its 2 slots, it is flexible to give easily connection. It can thus be used for both newer and older notebook PCs and net books.

Verizon has excellent service-coverage in its metro areas. This card requires software which is loaded directly to the PC from this internet card itself. Manual software configuration and installation as well as disk drives are not required for this PC 770.  This feature makes PC 770 a perfect internet card for netbook PCs. VZ access manager software is a great choice for this PC 770 internet card. It makes it a snap to connect to any WiFi, mobile broadband or any other wireless network. As revealed by Verizon wireless internet cards review, this internet card sometimes add-overhead to system resources. This overhead causes problems for some netbooks. For avoiding this PC must be able to bear extra load.

In addition to these two cards, there are various other internet cards for internet connectivity. These cards have different requirements and cost you differently.

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