Verizon Wireless Prepaid SIM Card Promo Code

A prepaid SIM card comes with specific credit amount, with calling company. This credit is topped up when needed. Prepaid SIM is time and credit bound. The credit loaded in it as certain time limit, as time limit crosses, the credit is of no value. Duration of calls via a prepaid SIM also depends upon amount of the credit loaded in to the SIM. Verizon offers prepaid SIM cards with certain call and text packages. Prepaid SIM card is inserted into the Verizon wireless certified 4G device. According to Verizon wireless prepaid SIM card review, this SIM card contains subscriber profile, including details about features and subscribed services. Prepaid SIM card is an access to Verizon-wireless 4G network. It had limited data storage ability, typically from 128k-256k. Thus it focuses mainly on subscriber related information.

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Why to buy prepaid sim cards from

Verizon wireless prepaid SIM card review indicates that for customers ordering service via Telesales or, they have to activate service for using it. This can be done by just a phone call and following of prompts for initiating service.  One must have his/her receipt handy as he/she will be required to confirm mobile-number printed on receipt. For customers who purchase 4G SIM-card via Telesales or, they must install prepaid 4G SIM-card into Verizon wireless certified device. For prepaid SIM cards purchased from Verizon-wireless store, sales representatives do it for respective customers.

Prepaid SIM cards contain all of subscriber information and are portable, so this SIM card can be easily used in any Verizon-wireless certified device. Charges for usage are billed to account that is associated with that prepaid SIM card. How to use a Verizon Wireless Prepaid SIM Card Promo Code?

verizonwirelss prepaidMaking your Prepaid SIM-card secure:

For making prepaid SIM more secure by using PIN (personal-identification-number). Verizon wireless prepaid SIM card review reveals that this PIN number prevents unauthorized use of your device. By default, this PIN number is disabled for prepaid SIM cards. But one may create his own PIN through administrative-tools available on My Verizon. There is no such PIN facility for enterprise customers and business accounts. Once a PIN is created for any prepaid SIM card, it will be required to enter this PIN before using 4G devices by Verizon. This PIN is requested on the initial power up and also when this prepaid SIM-card is transferred to some other device.

Verizon wireless has facilitated use of these prepaid SIM- cards for its customers by enabling its use on devices that are not directly purchased from Verizon-wireless. According to Verizon wireless prepaid SIM card review, such customers activate their prepaid SIM-card on Verizon-wireless price plan.

Care regarding prepaid SIM cards:

According to Verizon wireless prepaid SIM card review, following must be considered for long term use of Prepaid SIM-card.

  • Never bend the prepaid SIM-card.
  • Touch to gold contacts must be avoided.
  • Correct alignment of gold contacts is necessary on device.
  • For SIM cards inserted incorrectly, or in case of incompatible SIM cards, VZ access manager displays an error-message.
  • Prepaid SIM-card must be dry and clean all the time.
  • Magnetic fields and extreme temperatures must be avoided as these can harm your prepaid SIM-card.
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