Verizon Wireless Promotions for New Customers

Around the world, everyone has the right to alter or exchange the gifts they have to opt for something that is better and brighter from the previous one: It can be that radiant Thanksgiving hoodie or the network with signal issues. This season of the Christmas, Verizon is offering its wireless users an opportunity to have no grudges about their network and a fruitful substitution to alter them. Verizon Wireless Company opts for numerous strategies to engage more customers and by having many promotional campaigns. This includes:

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  • From this moment of time, if you do not have the network satisfying your needs, shift your network to Verizon and earn about $650 to terminate your former contract.

Do you have the knowledge that around eighty-seven percent of the T-mobile users and eighty-six percent of the Sprint users who shifted their network back to Verizon in half a year of leaving Verizon said, ‘the standard of network and the swiftness of the performance’ was the reason due to which they moved back to the Verizon (This conclusion is drawn from a survey of around two thousand participants in the second last quarter of 2015 by an exalted national industry research company). Plus, the network of Verizon led in the comprehensive performance among the other nationally renowned wireless service providers in consecutively four National RootScore reports compiled by RootMetrics.

Nowadays it is the appropriate span of the year to switch to Verizon and earn up to $650 per line. Additionally, for good care of customers, Verizon will buy your contract and reimburse your former termination fees from the previous wireless provider.


  • The process of switching to Verizon and its benefits.

Switching to Verizon and earning around $650 per line is clear when you transit your number to Verizon from another provider, you have to buy a 4G LTE smart device along with the legislation of trade-in and payment activation. On prepaid devices, you will have $650 for the installment prospectus less than the trade-in value of the device you already have (or on prepaid for former termination fees the device trade-in value the user will have $350). The trade-in of the user must be in the likable working situation and have the value greater than $0 however you have to keep the latter line active for 6 months minimum.

  • Switching immediately in the holiday season can help you earn 2GB data

As a surplus bonus, if you shift to Verizon and have the Verizon plan of XL or XXL, you will get 2 GB of the data as a reward monthly as long as you’re the plan is activated on your device. This data is adequate for any family holidays and rides; it can let you, surf internet for around 90 hours, play 510 songs, or work with Google maps for 32 hours. Still looking for any obvious reasons before switching your network carrier to Verizon and have these much of benefits? This is the best time to switch to Verizon and receive $650.

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