Verizon Wireless Rebate Card

Verizon Wireless offers a great rebate card also known as gift card that is free from any expiry date, dormancy problems and extra charges. At Verizon Wireless, only Verizon Wireless rebate, or gift card can be redeemed to make online purchase, or payment of bill. This card can be redeemed at some physical stores also, and you can find your nearest store with the help of store locator. Verizon Wireless Rebate Card Review shows that there is no expiry date and dormancy options for unused rebate card for long time. Unused gift cards can be easily returned to the owned stores of Verizon with purchase proof within 30 days.

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How to Use Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

You should keep proof of purchase with you, because it will help you to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards. This card makes it easy for you to buy any merchandise, or service from Verizon Wireless owned store, or online store. Taxes and shopping cost will be deducted directly from the funds of the cards. You can shop within the total funds limit of the card. Verizon Wireless card is other than a credit card; therefore it cannot be redeemed for cash. User of the card has to follow terms, conditions and laws settled for the purchase and use of card. Verizon Wireless Rebate Card Review will help you to know about all terms and conditions.

Agreement for Terms and Condition

Purchase and use of Verizon Wireless gift card represents acceptance of all terms and conditions by its user. You can use card in specific activities including resale, advertisement, selling, sweepstakes, or different other promotional activities without the consent of Verizon. If you have to mail your purchase bill to someone, only mail purchasing bill instead of enclosing it with rebate/gift card.

verizonwirelss rebateHow to Get Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

You can apply for the card directly by visiting official site of Verizon, or can call at 1-800-876-4141. Verizon Wireless Rebate Card Review is important before applying for the card. Verizon Wireless rebate/gift cards can be used as debit cards, but without any pin number. You can purchase goods and services from Verizon owned stores according to the total balance of your card.

How to Make Purchases with Rebate Card?

Verizon Wireless Rebate Card Review will help you to make purchases rightly with the help of gift card. You can use your card at Verizon owned stores, or the places where these cards are acceptable. Purchase whatever you want within the funds limit of your card and pay for it by swiping your card. Transaction cost will be automatically subtracted from the balance of your card.

Check the Status of Rebate Card

If you want to check the status of your rebate card, have a Verizon Wireless Rebate Card Review to know the status. You can visit Rebate Center, or can call at (800) 457-0864. Complete information about the rebate/gift card will be sent to you within two weeks of your call.

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