verizon wireless ringtones promo code

The ringtones is the sound that you hear when the phone rings and you can hear the song of the favorite artist, the beloved classic song or a holiday tune. You are able to set the ringtone for every contact so you may know who calls before you even look at the phone. The ringback tone is used for your friends. It is the actual song that will clip up to the time that you decide to pick up the call or to send the voicemail.  You are able to personalize the Ringback tones so every person or a whole group will hear the specific song that you had set.

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The ringtone is downloaded and it is played by a phone while it is you who will hear a ringtone when a person calls as far as the phone has not been set to silent or to vibrate. The ringback tone is not downloaded on the phone but it is the ringback tone that it is played by the network to the callers before you can answer a call.

You can manage the ringtones in the settings of the phone and there is step by step visual instruction on how to change the ringtone on the Smartphone.  When you choose to buy a ringtone, you can buy it at Verizon Tones app using a basic phone or a Smartphone and you can save if you have the verizon wireless ringtones promo code to apply with it. You can decide to buy the favorite song if you do not want to use the ringtones that are already preset in the phone. There is a number of the ringtone at the market and you can find anything you want.


To get the ringtone, you need to sign in, in the Verizon account in the device and you may add the tones features on the account at 2 dollars a month. When you open the account, you will get access to any ringtone as you wish.  Even if it is possible to set the ringtone for a specific person, you are able to do this through the app or the settings of your phone.  If the ringtone is about to expire, you should open Verizon tones at the phone, tap at the manage the Ringback tones and then tap at the Ringback tones. You can choose the ringback tones that it is about to expire and then go to renew to pay for the extension using the verizon wireless ringtones promo code.

The easiest way that you can get access to the verizon wireless ringtones promo code is to have downloaded the Verizon Tones App at Google Play Store. In this app, you are able to buy or to download a number of the ringtones you like.

If you want to use the promo code, look for it online. Type the name of the promo code you want or the promotional code you are looking for in a search box or you can go directly to the Verizon website.  You should enter the promotion code at checkout after buying the ringtone you want.

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