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Verizon Wireless unlimited data plans are very famous among subscribers, because they can buy any new device at full price instead of binding them in two-year contract. It enables them to buy anything without having a subsidy on the purchase of a new phone or any other Verizon product. Verizon Wireless is a U.S based wireless services provider, and the company claims 10 times faster 4G network speed. 3G and 4G speeds are top elements to determine Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Review. Lots of wireless companies have restricted the use of unlimited data plans on phones, but if you are a Verizon subscriber, you can use this facility with “Family Share Plan”. You can do this through your online account on Verizon.

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Why to buy unlimited data plan from

Unlimited data plan of Verizon features unlimited voice and text messages. It provides freedom to its users to make and receive unlimited phone calls and text communications. Unlimited data plan means freedom to share abundance of files, photos and media clips through your phone. From July 2013, there are some changes in the unlimited data plans of Verizon. Now, Verizon offers shared and limited data plans. Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Review can be consulted to know the status of Verizon data plans.

Throttling of Plans

Subscribers of unlimited data plans, who were happy with Verizon services, report throttling practices and slow data transfer speeds at a particular time. This problem is faced by all 3G subscribers, and it is the policy of Verizon to throttle the services of all those customers who regularly consume more than 2GB of data on monthly basis. Verizon has decided to repeat this practice to give equal bandwidth to all users. The practice is repeated during congested network to equally provide services to all users. According to Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Review, this practice is not so effective for 4G services because of some loopholes.

verizon wireless offer 2Changes in Data Plans

Suddenly, Verizon stop unlimited data plans to new subscribers of Verizon, and this was considered as an official end to the unlimited data services of Verizon. There is no need to be disappointed, as interested people still can access unlimited data plans of Verizon. If you want to enjoy unlimited data plans, you have to extract yourself from throttling boundaries. 4G capable phones are available with the facility to subscribe 4G services, because unlimited data plans are accessible through this medium. Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Review leads you to the current unlimited data plans.

Considerations for 4G

4G phones are available at Verizon to buy at full price, and this can be a hurdle for those people unable to afford 4G phone. Unfortunately, there is no facility to get 4G capable phone under 2-year contract, or monthly installments. It means unlimited data plans of Verizon are not accessible for lots of people. It is important to pay full amount of phone in order to get 4G capable phone and unlimited data services. For more information, read Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Review.

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