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Among many online video conferencing options, there comes Vidyo which is popular for its amazing video quality and superb features. Vidyo web conferencing is an ideal option for those organizations where there are many end points for users from laptops to desktops PCs, mobile devices and netbooks. As per Vidyo review this system is good enough for those companies that are running hybrid wireless or wired environment. It offers starter package that costs $7,000. This price includes covers all infrastructure & perpetually licensed-software that is essential for deploying desktop video conferencing to the 75 administered users. It also supports ability of hosting upto 5 concurrent connections that are multi-point. If you have a larger organization you get the privilege of negotiable prices for its packages. 

As per Vidyo review, it can be regarded as the family of the video conferencing products. These products are based upon use of internet for connecting video conferencing systems. Product lines of Vidyo include

  • Vidyo room
  • PC client
  • 323 devices
  • Gateway to SIP
  • Administrative system

In making use of Vidyo services you need to use microphones and off the shelf cameras that can be purchased from anywhere. There are many other big names like Polycom and Cisco that are its competents but Vidyo competes with them really well. Products offered by Vidyo cover all sized businesses and is most suitable for companies that are overworked or congested WANs. As per Vidyo review in case of larger installations, it is recommended by the company to run its compression-engine the Vidyo router with administrative software upon separate servers. Administration software and Vidyo Router are available in the one appliance to support smaller installations.

Vidyo ArchitectureAccording to Vidyo review this software builds on H.264 SVC-standard. As compared to its competitors Tandberg, Polycom and many others who use H.264-AVC, this software makes use of SVC. SVC is specifically developed for allowing transport networks like internet that may introduce conditions including packet and jitter loss. For addressing variable conditions, video stream is divided by Vidyo into 3 sub streams

  • Base
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Base stream of it contains enough information for providing a low resolution image at lower frame rate. Remaining 2 streams refine image in to desired outputs like 720p HD for producing excellent pictures. Its streams are then delivered in while network is in good condition.  In case of deteriorated network condition delivery of 2 level stream is reduced by the system. As per Vidyo review in some cases it reduces the delivery of system 1 as well. Adjustment takes just few 100 milli-seconds due to which change is rarely noticed by the users. Majority of the network-deterioration is short lived with temporary lower resolution and quickly returning good picture-quality.

During Vidyo review, Vidyo room system was connected with HD camera & 5 PCs with varying capabilities. 1 of these PCs used WiFi. Packet storm emulator was then used for introducing various network impairment levels for stimulating unpredictable internet conditions. Vidyo system is so capable that even technicians cannot realize introduction of impairments. Even in the presence of jitters there will be no effect upon the sound and video quality with Vidyo.

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