Vonage Business Reviews

vonage businessVonage is the prime brand among VoIP service providers in the USA. It offers the wide array of dedicated VoIP services with cloud technology. Due to its expanding business, Vonage captured a big chunk of VoIP business. Therefore, following are the specific Vonage business review that is developed on the basis of clients feedbacks. Different people express their concerns and feedbacks as per their experiences about Vonage VoIP services, such as:

  • Vonage solutions are very user-friendly and even a novice user can operate Vonage services.
  • Vonage call conferencing option is highly useful and easy to use.
  • There was no any indication of distortion and voice interruption that is noted at that specific point in time.
  • Vonage pays serious attentions to its clients and their queries such as during the line transferring, implementing as well as ordering processing, Vonage keeps pace with its clients to assure happy client oriented services.

vonage business 2Another side of Picture

However, some users seem highly disgruntle about Vonage services. According to their experience, Vonage is no willing to resolve clients’ queries such as there are series of CLI issues, bad softphone functioning, not issuing credits, etc. besides, Vonage supervisors offer fake services, they offer follow-ups but don’t do; they do vow to resolve the issue but don’t follow their own wordings.

Independent view

According to voipreview.org that seems a type of independent entity, overall Vonage rating is progressive and according to their analysis, Vonage rating is in good condition and further flourishing. The base of that rating is developed on users’ reviews basis including other factors. However, thorough market research is inevitable before making any decisions.

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