VTech CS6124 reviews

Best VTech CS6124 reviews

VTech CS6124 is a cordless phone that has answering system with the caller ID/Call Waiting features. It is white and it has one handset. The phone uses DECT 6.0 Digital Technology and it has digital answering system. The caller ID and Call waiting is displayed on the backlit keypad and on the display. The phone does not have the feature of a speakerphone and 30 names with their numbers can be kept in its phonebook directory but the subscribers of DSL may need to use a DSL filter.  To ensure the best performance, the batteries require to be charged at least 16 hours before its usage.

VTech CS6124 is ideal to be used in the home and the office. The phone sends message, private and clear conversation. The cordless phone with its digital answering system makes everything simple. The conversations are private and free from any interference and they are crisp clear.  There is no background noise or the cases of eavesdropping to the conversation by other people. The answering system is capable of recording 14 minutes of the outgoing and incoming message announcement so you are going to be connected always.

With the call waiting and caller ID, the handset will display the date, time, number and name of incoming calls at a backlit display which is easy to read.  The phone is able to store 30 calls and you will be able to review the people who called when you were not around. With only a simple touch, you can listen to the messages sent; you can change the outgoing announcement and others.


Many people like VTech CS6124 phone since it is easy to install, it has clear sound during a call and a person can be aware of who is calling by using a caller ID. The phone has a great range; it can be used in a large backyard or indoors on different floors. It has an extended range which is better than 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz.  Answering machine of this phone is the easiest which you may have used.

The phone has large simple buttons that are used; there is no need to go through different steps to reach to the message. There is a deleting buttons, skipping button, playing button and repeating button. A large display shows how different messages came and it is easy to know at a glance when you have a new message. There is no need to use a tape. The DECT 6.0 technology ensures that the VTech CS6124 does not get the interference from other wireless phone around.  The handset is easy and comfortable to hold compared to other available handsets in the market.

The phone is in a white colour which makes it easy to find in a room with less light. Its backlit keypad with the display is too bright compared to other cordless brands.  The keypad does not letter since it gets light up completely. This is good while making calls in the room which is dimly light or during the night. The phone can be wall mounted so there are no cases of being misplaced and it can be put back in the cradle easily after each call.

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