VTech CS6429-3 reviews

Best VTech CS6429-3 reviews

VTech CS6429-3 is affordable and practical and it works as a cordless phone system which comes with 3 handsets, it has a digital answering machine with a call waiting and caller ID waiting options which can store up to 50 calls. The DECT 6.0 digital technology helps to deliver superior sound, in terms of the range and quality while ensuring that the wireless network with more electronic devices do not make any interference into the conversation.

Basic features of the VTech CS6429-3

The calls are encrypted after being digitized to offer more security.  The handsets have speakerphones which make it easy to use the phone hands-free.  The conference capability, the call-transfer, intercom with the in-home communication makes it easy to communicate around the home without the need to shout.  The answering machine will record the calls when you are not able to do so and it can record up to 14 minutes.

What people like on VTech CS6429-3

Through the VTech CS6429-3 Reviews, many people are happy when they buy this phone since they like the ringers available and the sound quality is always great. The buttons on the phone are clear and large and they have a better feel on them. They may also light up somehow when you pick up a phone from the base or when you press the button and you can see them when you are in a dark room.  The phone has the best feel and the best look. It does not feel too cheap since it works in the perfect way.

The first phone has to be plugged in the phone jack and in the power outlet but a second phone should only be plugged in the power outlet. You may always find other handsets when you find that you need more than 2 handsets. Whenever you add the number to the phonebook of the handset, it will sync with other handset.


From the VTech CS6429-3 Reviews, people can read the message from any of the handset, from the answering machine or the main docking station.  To talk to someone who is in the same home, you only have to use an intercom button. Every handset has its own speakerphone which works simple and you should push on the speaker button at the handset to toggle within the regular phone and the speakerphones.  If you missed the call, you will be told how many calls you have missed on every handset and you can scroll them to view them using a caller ID.

What people like on the VTech CS6429-3

The menu got also good VTech CS6429-3 Reviews since it is easy to navigate and it is well organized.  When a message has been left, you will get time and date when it was left before the message is played.  The speakerphone and the range of the phone are good and the sound quality is always good for both the phone calls and the intercom calls. The VTech CS6429-3 Reviews also show that people are happy with the way that they are able to retrieve the message on any handset without having go to go the recorder to check the voicemail or to delete it. Any handset can be used to delete or to play the message.

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