VTech CS6829-3 reviews

Best VTech CS6829-3 reviews

VTech CS6829-3 supports 3 handsets with the cordless answering system and a call waiting and caller ID together with a full duplex handset speakerphone.  With the speakerphone, you can easily keep up with your calls and you can increase the participation when you allow both ends to speak and to be heard at the same time.  With caller waiting and caller ID option, you can know the person who is calling. The display gives information about the date, time and the number that it is calling. The complete keypad gets illuminated together with the LCD screen to make it easy to view even in a dim light.

The basic features of VTech CS6829-3

According to the VTech CS6829-3 Reviews, other features of the phone are digital answering machine, DECT 6.0 digital technology,  expandable system that can support more than 5 handsets, eco mode power saving, quiet mode that puts of the ringers and capability of keeping at last  50 names in the phonebook. Extra features of the handsets include the  battery save mode, key answer, volume control, mute, 10 number redial, flash to show message and the time it was left, message retrieval from the handset, remote access, call intercept, call screening, digital recording time, table and wall mountable, French, Spanish and English menu and voicemail waiting indicator.


What people say about VTech CS6829-3

From the VTech CS6829-3 Reviews, the phone is easy to setup and in just 5 minutes you will be already connected.  The handset and the base have a good microphones and speakers which are both clear on the two ends. The answering machine is simple and the message may be heard through the handsets.

With the cordless answering system on the VTech CS6829-3, you can keep up with the calls even when you are not around which means that when you miss a certain call, you will still be able to get the message. The phone is sleek and it easy to use in any décor.  The phone calls are free of any interference or static.  The phone is available in six different colors, you can choose one color from these colors or you can mix and match colors.

What people liked most on the VTech CS6829-3

When you read the VTech CS6829-3 Reviews, you will find that there are many things that people like on the phone like the way it has great features for an affordable price. How the sounds are clear on both the handsets and speakerphone and easy to do the setup.  The phone has all the features that most people need in their homes or in the small officers.  Since the phone looked cheap, people were expecting to get low quality phone but this was not the case since it worked well even beyond what they were expecting.

The phone comes with the battery that has to be charged for at least 11 hours before you use it for the first time. The answering machine has an option of beeping when it had received the message but if you do not like it, you can turn it off.  The phone comes with the brackets that can help you to mount it on the wall if you wish to.

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