What are the Disadvantages of Online Conferencing?

No doubt that video conferencing and online conferencing are truly magnificent in advancing humans’ telecommunication. By having this in our hands, we are no longer supposed to be present in a meeting while we are in a distant place. Yet, the grand advantages comes along with a number of disadvantages, if we may say so.

We cannot blatantly say that online conferencing does something bad to us. The following section is rather to say there are things you would need to consider while expecting for conducting a communication through online conferencing.

Requiring Advanced Technology

If you expect for something really good, then you should firstly sacrifice the best you can afford. That principal is also applied to our online conferencing issue. Particular quality hardware and software, plus network connection must all be well-integrated, so that you could enjoy having online conferencing as the way it should perform.

Unsurprisingly, that should only be managed with a great deal of cost. Not every business enterprise can afford to have the well-built system which costs pretty high. This usually happens to those small level business who might just started their business.

Urging Humans to Be Advanced

No matter how advanced your technological tool is, if you, the users, cannot operate them properly and functionally, then they might be wasted. It is to say that technology literate users are also significant in making online conferencing function as the way it is expected to perform.

online conference 2Then what if we cannot afford to operate them? There is no other way you can do to be eligible in using the technology, but learning. This may take time, but in the end, things would probably be so much easier for you, as long as you can get along with technological advancement.

Lack of Personal Communication

The urgency of inviting online conference in to your environment does not merely make it the utmost medium to conduct such a forum. It is served to be one of the ways you can choose while you are in need of a discussion with several people which are residing in different distant places. In other words, if you can actually meet them in person, and you do not experience any difficulties and loss because of the direct communication, then online conferencing is not necessary.

After all, personal communication is beneficial for you who concern on gestures and other body language while conducting a meeting, either formal or casual.

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