What Is The Pingo EZ Dial Service? How to Use It?

What is the pingo EZ Dial service? How to use it…this is what you are looking for. All smart phone holders can save more than 90% downloading pingo EZ Dial app on the smartphones and this is absolutely FREE.

Make a nice practice of downloading EZ Dial app and start with $10 to make the cheapest international calls. More than 90% Pingo customers are loyal to use pleasure promising Pingo EZ Dial Service. This special discount service enhances the pleasure of making overseas calls.

Great pingo EZ Dial app has brought wonderful change in the world of communication. It improves international call making activity simultaneously charging very cheap rates for high-quality overseas calls. You will not have to enter PIN, account number or access number for instant activation of pingo EZ Dial service on your smart phone. You can save on overseas calls using EZ Dial services. Specially designed applications of this app are well-suited for smartphone.

Follow 3 easy steps to make use of pingo EZ Dial

  • Pingo requires simple signing up process
  • FREE download EZ Dial app on smartphone
  • Let’s start with EZ Dial

To make cheap international calls from your smartphone, you should download free app namely EZ Dial but you will have to buy calling credit for making quick and interruption free international calls at very cheap rates. This application is different from VOIP and it requires dialing 1800 before making any international call from your Pingo calling card.

Installation of EZ Dial application on smartphone takes no time and the only thing you will perform after signing up is to download this app from the given link. Run EZ Dial app after downloading for quick configuration. You will see Pingo logo in the background of your smartphone that ensures configured applications of EZ Dial. Now, whenever you select an international contact number from your smartphone, EZ Dial applications will itself trace your selected number and auto dial 1800 to process your overseas call. If you would like to try other VoIP services, you can get information from bestinternationalcallingcards.webs.com.

Brilliant call quality via Pingo EZ Dial gives standard turn to your overseas call making practice. Experience first and then share how you found Pingo EZ Dialas an international call making facility. Finding any sort of technical issues with the installation of EZ Dial on your smartphone, you can contact friendly and reliable customer services. There is no need to use 3G or WiFi to get the real benefits of EZ Dial rather it connects you to the desired calling destination without involving such additional options.

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Overseas communication is not as expensive as it had been a few years ago. Pingo EZ Dial ensures instant and cheap availability of international calling luxury on your smartphones. Affordable and simple to utilize pingo EZ Dial improves your savings reducing international call charges. To be in contact with the family, friends and relatives living in abroad is not hard to achieve mission… pingo EZ Dial has made overseas communication easier than ever before. Nothing is ambiguous about pingo EZ Dial so, do not put it till tomorrow and sign up now to install this app on your compatible communication device.

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