What is Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages?

There is no way you can resist the tempting technological advancement which is going on and on even more wildly these recent days. If you previously think that you will never afford to have video conferencing with anybody you would like to talk to, you seem to be very much startled.

Yes, video conferencing has been quite familiar, from business level telecommunication needs to domestic stage. We can probably now find it pretty easily to communicate with our friends by truly seeing their face through a live video conference.

But are you quite sure to be adequately enlightened by the advantages and disadvantages? Well, let us bring it down.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

No doubt that video conferencing does help you resolve some difficult things you usually face whenever you are in phone calls. During phone calls, you probably hesitate about someone’s telling the truth or not. Now that you got video conferencing system, you can manage to see their gesture and body language, which are truly much more relieving.

video conferencing 2Not only that, in terms of its cost, video conferencing is pretty much cheaper to afford, rather than meeting the one you will talk to in person. This technological advancement is surely much preferable for those business workers who are in need of formal discussions, involving people from different distant places.

The affordable cost and flexibility are indeed the upsides of having video conferencing as one of your telecommunication methods, even in this era. Thanks to this system for now panel discussions are certainly possible to conduct though the participants are miles away separated.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

However, it is not fair to not come with the downsides. Even video conferencing got some for you. The first point goes to its cost. While domestic-staged video conferencing does not merely require big cost, the business level system is pretty costly. It does certainly deal with the more complex hardware and software which are probably not pretty much affordable for everyone running their business.

Not only does it about the tools, but also the connection required by effective video conferencing held by business-level video conferencing. You could probably imagine, what if you have to gather 10 people in the same time while they are placed in different distant places. There will be a lot of aspects which can possibly interrupt the connection, which is why the system needs to be stable.

In short, domestic and business are two different spheres which surely require different system arrangement during video conferencing.

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