What is Video Conferencing Used For?

Video Conferencing is a way too complex to explain in just a single medium. If you require to get the full-length history of how video conferencing can be one of humans’ greatest advancement, you are going to put up your tasks and sit down in your couch to be prepared for the long story.

However, one thing for sure, which most of you would need to know about video conferencing, that it is quite different from video call or video phone. Video conferencing is more suitably used to name a telecommunication system conducted by a number of people in different places through videos. It means that the conduct requires several supporting tools.

Most Targeted Users

From the literal definition alone, you could probably mention who likely need this advancement for them. Business workers will highly expect to have video conferencing to support their job duties. For example, when one should hold a meeting which involves business representatives residing in different cities or even countries, video conferencing is one great solution to save the travel cost.

In other words, video conferencing does help enterprises to save more budget, which is by transforming the conventional meeting into a digital form. Besides, time is possibly saved much more drastically than before. Even if you are asked to attend a sudden meeting, it is still possible to hold as long as the connection to transmit the data is available.

video conferencing 2Surprisingly, even education can truly find the greatest use of video conferencing. Now, no matter how much distance separate teachers and students, video conferencing can help them reach one another. They can still hold the class through video streaming. Therefore, you can find a lot of universities open online courses to offer to international students.

Fortunately, this can be a great solution to reach for those living in remote areas but in need of up-to-date education. Now that video conferencing system is available, as long as the requirements are all set up, two-way or even multiple communication is possible to conduct.

Required Components

You have read about the required tools before engaging yourselves in particular video conferencing, and it is basically about some basic hardware and software you might have heard. Camera, microphone, video display, and network connection are some of them which sound quite familiar.

Besides, there are some more crucial unit to know. One of them is the Codec or Coder-Decoder which runs the system of video conferencing. This component makes it possible for the data in the form of video and audio to be transmitted to the receivers.

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