Why does IDEAL Group recommend, strongly, against using using videos, or streaming video webcasts?

Note: the following content is restored from the old website, which has be outdated and may be wrong. It is here for reference only.

The primary reason we recommend against using videos, or streaming video webcasts, is because they are not accessible to people who are blind or deaf unless they are captioned and audio described.

Even if videos, or streaming video webcasts are captioned and audio described, there can still be a myriad of problems negatively impacting the quality and successful reception of the content.  Unfortunately, these problems are beyond the control of content providers.

These problems include:

  • Internet packet losses
  • Slow-speed connections
  • Internet delays
  • Internet traffic jams
  • Too slow of an Internet connection
  • Too noisy of an Internet connection
  • Not having the screen resolution set properly
  • Having too slow of a computer processor
  • Having to little computer memory
  • Not having the right media player installed
  • Not having the right version of a specific particular player installed
  • Having too many applications open at one time
  • Some Internet Service Providers filter or block video transmissions
  • Closed ports on firewalls
  • Some users have trouble setting up their client machines to receive audio and video
  • Many educational establishment teaching room PCs are frequently been set up without audio hardware
  • Where there are a large number of machines in one area it is generally necessary to use headphones
  • Not using the latest drivers for your video card
  • Not having the latest updates for Microsoft DirectX (Black Screen Syndrome)
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