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yugma logoYugma is the free web-conferencing service that allows you to quickly and timely share your ideas and desktop with others via online means. Use of this service according to YUGMA review allows creation of an account after which you get the authorization for inviting upto 1 attendees within specified meeting limitations of 30 minutes. This service can be used by many you whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a reseller etc.


This is a flexible and easy service that helps in extending business and meeting the needs of customers. It saves valuable time of companies and also saves their resources as identified by YUGMA review.


It facilitates branding and multiple accounts.   For business owners this service is an ideal one because it allows remote teams, contractors & workers to keep in touch with their main headquarter. Companies also reach their customers by using this service as it supports remote technical services.

yugma featuresRESSELERS

One of the options by Yugma is affiliation services via which you can sell its products to customers. This has its own benefits including customization, procurement and management of customer accounts.

According to experts for an online conferencing service to be regarded as the best one it must have focus upon screen sharing & collaboration. As per YUGMA review, it does both. It has expanding features that make it easier to ensure meetings that are easier and presentable. This online conferencing facility is simple enough to use and is compatible for sharing desktops with platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows. Participants of the meeting who use one computer can control their presentation and functioning of keyboard tools.


Apart from the benefits mentioned above, this virtual service for conferencing omits something really notable and that is webcam integration directly via the service. This drawback as per YUGMA review,  has been covered with the use of YUGMA SE that allows use of current account of Skype with this service. In this way every participant can access the Skype at all times of logging into YUGMA. By this, you can use your contact list of Skype to quickly invite participants. Apart from integration of Skype there are some other disappointments notified by YUGMA review that users face in its video features.

  • There is no option for user polling
  • There is no option for public & private chat
  • Participants need Java for running their web meetings
  • One time installation is not an issue when it is used repeatedly however the process becomes difficult when making sales calls


Using YUGMA you can share computer-screen with audience. As per YUGMA review in this way it allows users to enjoy benefits that are available during in-person meetings. Use of this service for connecting with clients, business partners and employees, you save time and money. For all type of data communications, authentication related information and e-commerce transactions, YUGMA offers 128 bit AES end to end data encryption. YUGMA client downloads have been certified by the VeriSign that protects both clients & contents of meetings from various potential threats.  Despite of a few drawbacks it is still an effective service to facilitate timely meetings.

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